Garbage/Alanis Morisette: Cincinnati, OH; The Crown; 2/16/99--

Shirley and Garbage came out right at 8pm which was surprising because concerts never start on time. We were in the 2nd row to the left of the stage, about 10 floor rows back from the stage. We were still very close. Shirley had on a silvery glittery halter top that was backless and pants. She's growing her hair out so she had it pulled back. She was pretty good but she never smiled, and she didn't have the thingy in her ear like most singers wear so she had to cover her ears sometimes to hear herself because it was so loud.

At the begining she said "Hi Cincinatti, I'm from Scotland, we're Garbage." I love hearing her talk because her accent is so distinct, yet you can't really tell she has it when she sings. Also, her voice is so much more expressive live.

Push It
#1 Crush
Stupid Girl
Only Happy When It Rains
You Look So Fine
When I Grow Up

(setlist from The Garbage Concert Chronology)

During Stupid Girl, at the end while the band kept playing she said: "You stupid girl, so tell me what you want what you really really want, tell me what you want what you really really want you stupid girl". It was a really obvious slam on the Spice Girls. One of the things that really struck me was that Shirley seemed like she wasn't really friends with anyone else in the band. It seemed very structured, like there was Shirley, and then there was the band. She's really hyper when she's onstage, she bounced around quite a bit.


Garbage didn't encore because they were the opening band (I hate it that opening bands never do!) Then it took FOREVER for alanis to come out, when she finally did she was wearing that stupid skirt AND pants thing like people like Sarah McLachlan & Natalie Imbruglia like to do. She looked like Sporty Spice & Sarah McLachlan all rolled up into one: a see thru-ish shirt with flowers on it, a skirt, and then sporty pants and running shoes. She looked very much like herself. She danced like an uncoordinated Natalie imbruglia, really bad! I had never seen her dance before and I was a bit shocked! Her arms flailed everywhere and she jerked around as though she was having a seizure! She even fell down once when she was jumping around but I think it mighta been on purpose cuz it was during "You Learn".

She had this weird tree backdrop that folded away and sometimes there were video clips playing too. Mostly she just walked around the stage and looked either mad, or like she was about to cry. She looked a lot like the critics always bill her: "the angry girl". She did tons of songs. On the way to the concert, I said that she would do "Thank you" and a song from JLP as the encore and she did. She did practically everything off JLP including that I went in your house and took off my clothes song; you oughtta know; ironic; marianne; perfect; I think she did EVERY song of JLP. She also did thank you, uninvited and some other new stuff that I didn't know. I think almost lost my voice from screaming along. After every song when she played guitar she threw her pick down to the audience. She did 2 encores which surprised me. It was a good show but Garbage was better. Alanis is the kind of person you just see once I think, unless you're a huge fan. She prety much seemed the same as in all her she'd be some kind of weird graduate student having an affair with her professor if she wasn't a singer.