everything you never wanted to know about me

name lamia (short for lady lamia, queen of the vampires)

food rarely ever any red meat :P
i do eat chicken and seafood though. okra, shrimp, frozen pizzas, and fast food.
total addiction: chicken soft tacos w/no tomato from taco bell w/3 packets of fire sauce!! cheese sticks from marco's pizza. mocha frappuccinos from starbucks.
Fav ice cream: starbucks java chip & ben&jerry's wavy gravy of if i have to pick a "normal" flavor, mint chocolate chip.

hair very unnaturally red. i'm growing it out.

piercings 11 total.
5 in left ear, 5 in right ear, one in nose.

tattoos one on my right arm, it says "lamia". the next one will be a flaming tori-esque piano on my ankle or < img src="stacey.jpg" > on my upper back/shoulders right below my neck.

significant other sara. the cutest grrrl in all the world!

significant crushes stefan olsdal (bass player of placebo)
sean p. hayes (jack on will & grace)
greg (a cute-assed guy that i work with!)
amy ray (the dark haired half of the indigo girls)
patrice pike (the sexy & amazingly tallented lead singer of sister 7)

school no official school so also, no official major.

occupation philosopher/amy ray wanna be. musician/artist. writer.

day job a sales associate in the jc penny catalog department.

best friends/inspirations lel
Cindy "sunstruck, sunbunny, sunstroke" D.
katie "the wonder chick" anderson
chad "Ragger Pendragon" Applebaum
meade the amazingly tallented webgrrl
lisa "leslie alexandria" alexander

smells like... coco by chanel
obsession for men
gio by armani
happy by clinique.
anything peach or cinnamon, honeysuckle body spray from victoria's secret, mango from garden botanica, passion fruit from bath & body works

musicians TORI AMOS! Patty Griffin, Beck, Rush, Indigo Girls, Queen, Tori Amos, Creed, Sister7, Garrison Starr, Rasputina...tons more...

obsessions the band placebo
stefan olsdal of the band placebo
used guitar picks, setlists, autographs of bands I like
having my picture taken with semi-famous people
being famous
tori amos

cartoon character I'm most like daria

grrls who rule daria
jeneane garafalo (she is to be worshiped)
margaret cho
geri hallowel (sans spice girls)
molly shannon!
any character angelina jolie has ever played
brittney spears (is she so cute or what?)
christina rey this woman does it all. she writes, acts, directs, she's nice and she's good looking! talk about multi-tallented! she's inspirational, a role-model, and she's out and proud!

actors/directors kevin smith (clerks, mallrats, chasing amy, dogma), richard linklater (slacker, subUrbia), tom dicilo (living in oblivion), steve bucimi, katherine keener and durmot mulrooney, gina gershon, morgan freeman, samuel l. jackson, tim robbins, jackie chan, angelina jolie, giovani ribisi, steve zahn

feelings like I never liked you... JEWEL!!!!! Mariah Carey, Semisonic, THE VERVE, Celine Dion, Hanson, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Jewel, Abra Moore, Demi Moore. (although I have a sick, sad fascination with N'Sync)

happy things
Azida Lip Balm in Mango & Passion Fruit
Fairies and Butterflies
Shoes (I only own 42 pairs to date!)
Pictures of Tori Amos
Drew Barrymore
Vintage Clothes
Hot Topic
Rock & Roll memoribilia
Brian, Stefan & Steve (Placebo)
Things made with hemp
The city of New Orleans
French Pastries from La Madeleine