Is Lamia a musical expert?

According to I am! When they first started their music site they approached me about being an Ani DiFranco "expert" for them. While I will admit my knowlege of Ani can be a bit lacking, I signed on as a Sarah McLachlan, Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls and general Grrrl/Folkgrrrl "expert".

If you take a look at their experts, I'm ranked right there among the pillars of each of these singers' online musical fans. Sarah fans like Julian Dunn, Bianca Bickford, and the creater of the "Out of the Shadows, Women's Rise In Music" webring, Danielle Shaw.
Indigo Girls fans like Joe Hamilton of Fortunate Ones Records!

It's an honor to have my name up there with these people, whether any of us are experts or not! If you have a question, check out!