Placebo in Detriot, MI 4/1/99


We arrived at the venue (Saint Andrew's Hall) at 2pm. There were
already about 7 people waiting on the front steps.
We walked around back just to make sure that 'cebo would be coming
in front. Since the Ryder truck and crew bus were both out front and all the
crew was going in and out of the front we decided that's probably where
the guys would be too. There was also a place behind the crew bus blocked off
so we settled in with the other people in front.

There were 7 people there, one guy, 6 girls. One who I thought was a guy at first
Sara & I both thought she looked ASTONISHINGLY like Marilyn Manson, even though
he has black hair and she had orange and red hair.
It was supposed to be warm, but it was a bit chilly. Since we were in Cleveland
the previous night, I had all my clothes packed and had forgotten tights,
but was determined to wear my red dress w/a sheer black sequined top over it!

I think the guys arrived around 4 or 4:15 I can't exactly remember. Brian and Steve came out first. By this time there were probably
20 people waiting. All the girls mobbed Brian and the instant I saw him I thought
the same thing I ALWAYS think when I see Brian in person: #1. he is SO going bald
and then I freeze. I'm not sure why this always happens to me. When I first
became a 'cebo fan I was really obsessed with Brian, but now I think Steve & Stefan
are the BEST, and Brian is ok. For some reason I still freeze up when I see him!

I think that it's because I don't want to come off as one of those giddy fans.
So I didn't go up to him, for some reason I figured I could catch him when the girls
were through with him, which I should've know wouldn't happen. Brian's not exactly known
for having a lot of patience with fans. One girl tried to pin this "I Am Loved" pin
on him, and he said "just give it to me." Later she picked one up off the stairs
and I wondered if it was the one she gave him and he just sat it down, or if it
just looked like that.

Only one guy said hi to Steve which I thought sucked because I really like Steve.
So when Steve came by me I said hello, and asked him to sign the cover of my
Placebo cd, even though he doesn't play on it. I think it's ironic that he's the only
one who signed it, yet he doesn't play on it!

Steve asked me if he had met me last time they were in Detroit, he said they had been
there in December. I said no, that we had met in Cincy, and he said
something to the effect of "oh right! hi!" I think he was trying to place me and
he seemed pleased that he remembered me. Then they went in for the soundcheck.

Stefan hadn't come off yet but I wasn't surprised because they hadn't all
come off together in Cincy either. I think Stefan may have been feeling sick because
he walked in pretty quickly, he looked like he wasn't feeling very well.
This girl who was having them all sign her Velvet Goldmine book asked him
if he would sign and he said no.

Steve came back out for something, and waved and said hello and we all said hello back.
Then Sara and I went to find a bathroom because we still had an hour and a half
until they let us in! We came back and soon after they had us line up. A guy who I
think was a doctor (it looked like he was carying a doctor's bag) came in
once we were lined up. I think he might've been there for Stefan I'm not sure.
Stefan came out later and someone yelled "feel better!" I had started to feel kinda depressed because I was pissed off at myself
for freezing up AGAIN when I saw Brian and that only Steve had signed my cd
(even though Steve is my fav member!)

The Opening Band

We had will call tix so we had to stop at the little window and get them :P
so even though we were pretty far up in line a lot of people went in ahead of us.
When we got in were where in the 2nd "row" behind the Marilyn Manson chick and
all her friends. I was a little miffed because her and her 2 friends had been waiting
for a long time, so they were first in line, but when their other like, 5 friends
got there, they let them in the front with them, even though we had been waiting
since 2 and they got there like 10 minutes before the doors opened. Some of the other
people made some remarks because she said she had seen 'cebo 10 times and they thought
she was acting better than them, but I didn't really care if she had seen them 100
times I was just a little pissed about letting people ahead of us in line.

Anyhow they were in the very front row and we were behind them. I wanted to be
in the middle because that's where Steve's drums are. The middle is usually good
because then you can see both Brian and Stefan.
The guy that was with the Marilyn Manson girl was right in front of us, and he
started feeling sick so he left. Sara pushed in before the rude people could steal
his space. So she was up against the divider and it was almost as tall as she was!

The opening band came out, 4 guys and 1 girl. At first I thought she had said the name
of the band was Canabis, but it turned out to be something Bliss.
They rocked, they were a lot better than Flick, even though it was rumored that
Flick was going to show up. They did a few songs and were really good, but Sara started
feeling sick too! So she left and I moved into her spot up front before the rude
girl could take it. She totally glared at me and it makes me wonder who some of these
people think they are! I mean, if that guy who originally had it had come
back and wanted it I would've given it to him, but just because he left
doesn't mean I couldn't take his damned spot!

The crowd really pushed in, and then Sara came back and it was really smushed!
I was going to give her her space back but by then it was so cramped I knew that the
rude girl would get the spot before Sara could get in so I told her I was just going
to stay there.

The Show

Placebo finally came out around 8, and they played these songs (although not in this order!)
Bruise Pristine
Come Home
Without You I'm Nothing
Nancy Boy
Lady Of The Flowers
You Don't Care About Us
Every You, Every Me
36 Degrees
My Sweet Prince
Brick Shithouse
Encores: Pure Morning & Evil Dildo

I had a disposable camera and I really wanted to get some pictures since I hadn't
in Cincy. They didn't have real security, just a skinny guy that worked there
and a British 'cebo roadie who had on a green shirt and had been rollerblading earlier.

I ended up taking all the pics really quick. The lighting was great because
they didn't have a lot of colored lights, not as many as most places. Sometimes
they had just regular lights on them. Stef noticed that I was taking pictures,
and he looked at me once right when I got a shot (I hope that one turns out!)
He also came right in front of me and I got a few more shots! I only got 2 shots of Steve :(
because of the "security" guy being right in front of me blocking Steve!! :P

The concert was great, Brian was a lot more energetic than in Cincy (probably because
he lost his voice right after that show) he was bouncing around and totally into
it. I think he was really getting off on the fact that they were headling, and that we
all sang along with every song. During "My Sweet Prince" a guy screamed out:
"I'm your sweet prince!" and Brian smiled. Then something happened and he called
Brian a faggot. So Brian did his usual heckling someone in the audience.
He told the guy that he must be a limp bizkit fan, and flipped him off. Then he said
"is faggot the best you can do? they said the quality of education is getting worse
in this country." And we all screamed at that.
During a break between songs, Brian was taking a drink and I think lighting a
cigarette, the lights were pretty normal, and Steve looked up and saw me and waved.
I wasn't 100% sure at first that he actually had but the rude girl next to me
looked pissed so I figured that I hadn't just imagined it!

When they left before the encore, we were all screaming and chanting "Pla-ce-bo!"
which is actually kinda hard to chant! Stefan came back out, and he had a new
cigarette. He stepped on the pedal that started the Pure Morning loop, and then
he looked around and apparently realized that Brian and Steve weren't there!
Earlier in the concert he had been teasing those of us in the front row, by coming right
in front of me and lowering his guitar so we could ALMOST touch it! We were so close
but we couldn't touch it. He was really getting off on teasing us. He's such a cutie.
He came over right in front of me and kind knelt down. We were all screaming and
reaching for him. I was barely touching the ground with my toes, I'm only 5'3 and
I was hanging over the divider. I don't know WHY he did it, I think I might've said
"please!" because I was so caught up in the moment, but he got this mischievious look
on his face, and I remember thinking for a split second, he's going to hand
me his cigarette! I don't think he even realized it until that split second either
because he just reached out and handed it to me!!!!
It's all a blur because I turned into some kind of Hanson fan, screaming and
about ready to fall over, chanting "Ohmigod, ohmigod" the green shirted roadie
was totally laughing at me, but they kinda kept and eye on me, I think that they
were afraid I was going to pass out. I went to put it out and the rude girl next to
me said "are you crazy? smoke it!" and I said "no! It's stefan's I'm going to keep
it forever!!" I don't smoke Lights, and I hate the way they taste, so I didn't
take a drag off of it. Stef thought it was funny I think, probably because my
face totally fell in shock when he handed it to me. I can only imagine what I looked like!

Then Brian & Steve came out and they played Pure Morning. I was still freaking out
and couldn't even sing along.

Then the techs took the microphones down, and we were all like "what????"
Then they did a KICK ASS instrumental version of evil dildo (no talking at all...)
Brian played bass, and Stefan played lead guitar. It seemed to go on forever.
Then it was over! :( Stefan threw out his picks, and one hit me in the nose!
It bounced down on the other side of the divider. Steve went over way on the
left side, passed Brian's mic before he threw out his sticks. Then they turned
the house lights on. I was still really freaking out, and people were screaming for
setlists. I looked at the green shirted roadie, and I dunno where I got these guts
but I motioned to him and said "hey! can you hand me that pick?? It fell down here!"
I can't believe that I did because I mean he didn't have to do that at all,
it was REALLY nice of him to, but he came over, picked it up and handed it to me!
How sweet, I'm totally going to remember him for it. It's a purple pick, and USED! :)

It was totally Stefan's night though. People were screaming "stefan!" all night
and a couple times he stood in the middle of the stage with this goofy grin and we'd
all scream. It was like he was a god for that one night. I think he was screamed
over more than Brian.

I can't believe I was there, I still can't believe all that happened! It was one
of the best concerts I've ever been to and I'm sure even another 'cebo concert
will pale in comparison!! They may be a small band now, but they are STARS.
Those boys are more than musicians, even though they are totally tallented. They are
stars, baby.