here on the net there is a lot of controversy over the use of pictures when credit is given. personally i am torn on this issue. in the past i have used many images that were not my own. however, a majority of the backgrounds in pictures, and .gifs are my own. however, the body parts are all parts of photographs by people other than myself. credit, if know is listed below.

  • doll eyes:
    all eyes are from pictures of tori amos that can be found at my site spacecakehigh.

  • doll mouth:
    mouths 1,3,&5 are from pictures brian molko and i believe all are from the brick shithouse
    mouths 2,4,&6 are of tori amos and can be found at my site spacecakehigh.

  • doll legs:
    feet 1 angelina jolie scanned from a magazine
    feet 2 patty griffin photo kathleen m. wayt (734) 513-7724 courtesy of flaming red.
    feet 3-5 tori amos

  • doll heart: heart was made by me
  • various pictures contained in doll eyes (about lamia)
    ylamia.jpg graphic unknown
    LADYlamia.jpg Hot Topic
    lilith2.jpg unknown
    Luna.jpg unknown courtesy of Pam Keesy's Daughters of Darkness
    dark.jpg unknown
    vamp.jpg picture of me, by me Lamia
    fsarose.jpg unknown
    banner links circle midnight & circle daybreak.
    circle twilight graphic by me Lamia

  • entry page:
    doll.jpg photograph Lindsey modified by me