Cory & Diana

Real Names:
Live In: Georgia, USA
Status: Married to each other
Website: Soulmates Forever

Cory & Diana are again, Park friends! (Di is the blonde one!) They're the first couple I know who met online, moved in together and got married! I wanted to go to their wedding so bad, but I didn't get to because my parents didn't approve! :P

Since they got married, and moved to Georgia I haven't talked to either of them much, but Cory and I had some great conversations way back when! :) They're an inspiration to me because their love conquered the odds of meeting online and being far apart! But now I can never tell which one is typing *L* They remind me of my favourite dyke cartoon couple (who have since broken up but oh well!) Mo & Harriet; from Alison Bechdel's "Dykes To Watch Out For"

I just got a little hotmail reminder about their aniversary! They've been married a year, I can't believe time passes so quickly!!

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Cory & Diana