disclaimer: all the writing you will find here is by me stacey. it is copyrighted to me, it may not be reproduced in any way and i am really not playing when i say that. i don't even care if you just want to use a quote. don't do it without asking me. not for use on a webpage, or just on your own computer.

i use this as a forum to create and to share, but i will take it down if it is abused. you will only be hurting me if you do that. because i enjoy posting things here to share.

i am really dead serious about it. taking someone else's work is like raping them.

i've been writing for pretty much as long as i can remember. i've always written stories, poetry, and songs. mostly i used it for an outlet for pain and anger. the fact that people considered me tallented was only a plus. in 1991 at the age of 10 i submitted a poem to a national contest (open to adults as well). i won the golden poet award in that contest. the same poem won me first place in a grade school contest held by the local library.

the library gave me a couple honorable mentions but when my work started getting dark and having more depth they shunned me completely for kids who were writting poetry that ripped of pilgrim's progress and stories that were based on r.l. stine & christopher pike plots. another poem i wrote, life, won honorable mention in a contest held by the national authors registry, and also won me the 1998 president's award for literary excellence.

lately i've been pretty blocked. it's been coming on stronger since late 1997. i keep trying to write and that's all i really can do. i feel like a woman without a home because really writing is the only thing i've ever have and without it i feel useless and worthless.