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Fatalities at Columbine High


April 23, 1999
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LITTLETON, Colorado (CNN) -- Fifteen people -- 14 students and a teacher -- died in Tuesday's gun and bomb assault at Columbine High School in suburban Denver.

The two seniors who were the gunmen, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, began their attack in the parking lot and proceeded to a ground floor cafeteria, school hallways and a second floor library; they later killed themselves, police said.

Here is a list of those killed, including information provided by family and friends:



William "Dave" Sanders, 47, a computer and business teacher for 24 years. Coached girls' basketball and softball; basketball team posted winning record in his first year, 1997-98 after finishing next-to-last the year before.

Married with at least two daughters and five grandchildren. Shot twice in chest while directing students down hallway to safety. Survived at least three hours until students were rescued.



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