my real name is Stacey, my chatting name is lamia, my performing name is stacia. i've been online since september 1997. the first thing i did online was chat at the park, and when i got an internet connection of my own in november that's primarily what i did. i met some of my best friends there, click here to see a list of my friends.

i outgrew the park quickly, as did a lot of us who were regulars in the females with females room. we all drifted away. a lot of people found other chatrooms but i divide my time between this homepage, my tori amos fan page, and an anonymous journal page. i try to pop into chatrooms every now and again but mostly i don't have time.

i sell a lot of rock and roll collectibles on ebay. i sell them so I can buy other collectibles, mostly placebo or tori amos things. if you want to see a list of things i'm selling right now go here. i also have a page of things in stock at lady lamia music.

lady lamia music blossomed into lady lamia music & productions. in addition to the rock & roll memoribilia business, LLM has promoted an ani diFranco concert, holds the copyright on all my artwork, writing, etc here online, and is also my new independant record label!

real life
i have 2 sisters and one brother. my sister "Lel" is the only one who has lived with us. she's 18 months younger than i am. i have a halfbrother todd who's in his 30s, married, and has 2 kids. i have a halfsister somewhere who would be about 35 now i believe, i've never met her. i'm searching for her at the moment. i like to think maybe jeneane garafalo is her, for one because i'm a huge jeneane fan. i don't know if she is adopted but, she has said lots of things that she has in common with my mom.

i also have "kind-of" in-laws. sara's brother jeff & her best friend dawn have the cutest little baby daughter emma who is one.

i'm 18 years old, i live in Ohio, originally I'm from mississippi. i hate snow! i like the south. i like graphic design and webpages, video and movies, baking, writing, playing music, etc. i'm proud to say that i am bi, and anyone who has a problem with that, i could care less.

i thought at one time that i wanted to be a film maker but now every asshole and his cousin are going to film school, so i decided to stick with my one true love, music. my favourite movies of all time are: the shawshank redemption, singles, billy's hollywood screen kiss, high art, when harry met sally, the breakfast club, kevin smith's new jersy trillogy [clerks, mallrats, chasing amy], richard linklater's slacker, star wars, and from dusk till dawn. my newest favourite movie is cube, the first feature film of canadian writer/director vincenzo natali. the amazing website was designed by an actor in the movie, who runs darkyl new media. this movie is an amazing sci-fi film, anyone who likes suspsense or sci-fi flicks will love it! i also really love old movies, the things that come on AMC. audrey hepburn & cary grant were so amazing. check out charade, a movie that stars them both. it's as good as anything today.

i'm a sci-fi girl to the core. although i'm not as into it as i used to be i still love the sci-fi/fanatsy genre. when i was little we would always watch star trek the next generation. i'm not really a trekie in the obsessed sense, but i do still love star wars. i am also what you might consider a ufo enthusist. i have dozens of books on the subject my many different authors including the widely read whitley striber. there are quite a few (600) books on the subject at

i'm also a vampire enthusist as i'm sure you can tell from various parts of my site if you've been visiting long. i love the tv shows buffy & angel.

i want to be a rockstar. my role models in that respect are danielle howle, indigo girls, shania twain, dar williams, patty griffin, the dixie chicks, and beck who are all very tallented, worked hard to get where they are today, have not let fame spoil them, and are very socially & politically conscious.

i also have a deep admiration for bass players, although i personally don't play bass. some of my favourite bass players are melissa auf der maur (formerly of tinker and hole), stefan olsdal (of placebo), robby takac (of the goo goo dolls), justine volpe (of frogpond) and eve hill (of flick)

finally admitting that waiting for a band is just an excuse, i put together my first EP on my own lady lamia records. i finished it in july 1999. more information can be found at the official stacia bethens page.

now i'm working on getting a band together, things are looking really good with my friend ben who is a drummer, and an acquaintance rick, who plays bass and guitar. we're currently looking for a guitar player in the dayton ohio area. if you are one email me!. last but not least i work in the catalog department at jc penny's. it's ok and i've met a lot of nice people there. to hear about what is going on with me RIGHT NOW, check out the present page.