click for larger image patt briggs

i first saw patt briggs playing the character "luke" in the movie all over me. "luke" is the cute gay guy that moves in and befriends the protaganist, claude. unfortunately, although he has a pivital role, he is killed! i hated that about the movie, for many reasons, but one reason was that he is so good looking.

next time i saw patt, i didn't even realize that he was the same man, but i was very impressed. he was playing his drag character, torment. it was on a special about his LA club, club makeup. i was struck by what an amazing presence he has. not only did he create club makeup but he also founded NYC's squeezbox. he was in the first off-broadway production of rent, he fronts the band psychotica, and he was offered a place in the rock-n-roll hall of fame before his band even had a record deal!!

he's great looking, driven, amazingly tallented, does drag, has an incredible flair for excess, the list goes on and on. some people think he paved the way for another man on this list, brian molko, which i don't necesarily agree with. either way he's a must-see!

click for larger image sean p. hayes

i was first introduced to the amazingly funny & tallented sean hayes as "jack" on the nbc show will & grace. because i am over dramatic and a bit self involved (not as much as jack!) i was immediately attracted to the character! the phrase "just jack" is always said around the house!!

sean can do much more than play the egocentric, funny jack. his movie, billy's hollywood screen kiss is really a great movie. sean plays the title character and guides us through his attraction to a seemingly straight, very goodlooking guy, who is modeling in a series of pictures billy is doing.

you can also catch him in several commercials including a geico direct (insurance) commercial where he is a 3 headed straight (gasp!) man. the doritos commercial in the laundramat, and most recently in a 1-800-collect commercial with loveline & the man show's adam corolla. sean is an amazing comic, a breath of fresh air on the will & grace show, and most importantly, he can identify chocolate chip cookie brands by just tasting them!!!