Bonanza Jellybean

Real Name: Elis (pronounced Eye-lis)
Status: dunno
Lives In: Australia!
Website: B.J.'s Homepage
Other: Changes haircolour almost as often as I do!

This is the legendary Bonanza Jellybean! I met her in the Park females w/females room! You just have to meet her because she cannot be explained, no matter how I describe her it won't live up to her normal craziness!!

She told me about the movie Even Cowgirls Get The Blues which is really great, you should see it if you haven't! That's where she stole her chat name from! She also has the distinction of dying her hair almost as much as I do! She used to be obsessed with Ginger "Sexy" Spice aka Geri Hallowell, and she does Spice Girl impersonations with her friends!

I was promised a video of that but I have yet to see one! She also sent me a kick-ass mix tape and got me into the band The Murmurs.


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elis (left) with newlywed friend Claire eilis (far left & blonde) with friends with her roommate's puppy