Laura & Erin

Laura, Erin & Jody

Live In: Canada
Status: Involved (with each other duh!)
Website: No Title
Other: Have a son named Jody

Aren't they so amazingly cute?? I have MANY embaressing pictures that I could put up here but I'm not going to because they would hunt me down and tickle me.

I met them both in the Park females w/females room! They're 2 of the few people I met there that I still talk to!! I feel very close to both of them in different ways, because I talk to both of them but never at the same time! Although sometimes in the past I have wanted to kill them, and a lot of times in the past I've given them TONS of unsolicited advice, I will always cherish my friendships with both of them!!

Even though Erin has a dreaded *gasp* job now and I never talk to her, Laura is always around ;) LOVE YOU GUYS!! *BIG HUGS*
Look! I managed to make a page and not put up any "stoned" pictures of Laura!!


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