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~Drink...Swear....Steal....And Lie~

Well I was 12 when daddy said to me
Don't take to drinking boy...
That road don't lead nowhere
And don't you ever let me hear you swear
Don't you dare
He told me stealing is a lazy mans way
Something for nothing...leaves you hell to pay
So don't lie
Then you can look the whole world in the eye
Honey I tried
But since I met you girl
I'm breakin every rule
I must confess...I'm just a backslidin fool

I wanna drink from your lovin cup
Swear I'll never give you up
Steal all your kisses underneath the moon
I wanna lie here close to you...
Look what you make me do
Darlin...your the reason why
I drink...swear...steal and lie

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Drink..Swear..Steal..And Lie

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