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Mr. Frosty attacks!
1. What attack is performed when you press dash and B in Kirby Super Star with the beam ability?

Charge Beam
Plasma Needle
Capture Beam
Machine Gun

2. What is the name of the painter boss in Kirby 3?

Paint Roller

3. Who is the mini boss in Kirby 3 with the burn ability?

Jumper Shoot
Sir Kabble
Flamer Guy

4. What Weapon does Kirby use to fight the Nightmare in Kirby's Adventure?

Star Rod
Heart Wand
Rainbow Sword
His Shoe

5. What hat does Kirby wear when he has the beam abiity in Kirby Super Star?

Wizard's Hat
Scottish Hat
Jester's Hat

6. What helper is created from the plasma ability in Super Star?

Waddle Doo
Plasma Whisp
Burnin' Leo