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When Kirby awoke, he found himself in an odd looking forest. He new he probably wasn't in Dreamland anymore. "Where am I?" Kirby thought.

"Why you're in the forest of Slumber Star." Kirby turned around and saw a Polof. "You were sent here for a reason," said the Polof, "You are the one who must rid this land of evil!"

"What kind of evil?" Asked Kirby.

"Are world has been taken over by Marigold, a member of the Poppy clan! Before Marigold took over, we lived in peace, but now, evil romes the land.

We, the people of Slumber Star, are the ones who create your dreams. If Slumber Star is ruled by an evil power, you will have only nightmares."

"That's horrible!" Cried Kirby, "Don't worry! I'll save Slumber Star!" Kirby set off on his new adventure.