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Suk Soon of White Village

A woman named Suk Soon refused to give up hope. Fending off many temptations she continued loving the prince of Blue village she had never seen and waited for him.

One day both Suk Soon and the prince met each other in their dreams and shared a deep love. The dream was so real and vivid they longed for each other even after they awoke. Suk Soon's method differed from that of the establishment. Instead of waiting for the prince to come, she tried something else. She began wondering, "What can I do to make the prince come to me?" Gathering all the information she could about the prince she began doing everything the prince liked.

Time marched on and soon rumors about Suk Soon reached the prince of Blue village. When the prince heard the good news that there was a virgin in White village who loved him so, he was curiously drawn by it even though he had never met her. When he told this to his father the king, he told the prince about a legend the people of White village had believed for a long time and was moved that a young virgin had such a strong faith in the legend that she waited for the prince of Blue town. The king decided to send his son to White village.

Disguised as a beggar the prince entered White village. To find out if Suk Soon really loved him he concealed his identity. The two finally met. Though he was shabby, Suk Soon was so happy to meet the man she dreamed of and longed for. She served him kindly. Once he was certain she loved him truly he revealed his identity.

Thus there was a wedding between the prince of Blue village and Suk Soon of White village. The treacherous valley of bandits was sliced in half by a massive highway and the hope of White village came true thanks to Suk Soon who held fast to her dreams and loved the prince with a never changing heart. Thanks to her White village became one with the wealthy Blue village.

This is the parable that taught me the ideal world on earth, where people who hoped for and longed for the ideal world, is fulfilled when the heavens are inspired and God's spirit descends to the earth.

Story from Parables, a book by: President Jung Myung Seok.
Translated by: Ho Myung Lee.