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Jeff Harris

Just stuff


This was taken at the Birmingham bus station around 3am after 2 days of no sleep. scary aint it? Hello I am Jeff Harris. I am 42 years old. I am a christian, a musician, and and a ghosthunter. I have worked as a musician, a stand up comedian, a radio dj, a martial arts instructor, a singing telegram messenger, and other stuff.. I currently paint houses for a living (real musicians have day jobs)I was born and raised in California, and moved to Mississippi in 1990... I moved here with my then wife Toria(we're now divorced), and my son Alex.. Hes with me now.. I have primary custody... My son Is really cool .. hes also a musician.. he plays keyboards and drums.. hes 17..

me at home on my bed

The guitar I am holding is an '83 Kramer pacer..the shirt is from my last band Last Day... I played guitar on stage the first time when I was 12.. I played pro mostly during the 70's and early 80's , participated in more than a few recordings..'heck, I was almost famous lol.. Musically, I just finished an album for Diskfunctional records. you can see my band page at INHALT:MAN