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           Have a good look!                                      Nah                                  Smooth


               Shocked                                    This is yours                    I have to be on!



           Oh yes                                 Nice smelling hair                      Time for the kill


               Just grab a quick one from you?         Scored                              Ouch                           

                   Go on you lesbos                           Sussification                        Go on have this




                Hmmmmmmmmm                         They felt good!                     Dangerous eyes



                      Help                            Grrrrrrrrrrrrr                      Hmmmmmmmmmmm



         Opps                          I wish                               Can I touch them?



                      All 3of us!                             Nice                                Ok then!


                Dave's bit!                                   Cute                                Cutey


                     Top view anyone?                       Me??                        The light


                 Am I in the shot?                     Time to pull .....                 NOOOOOOOOO



                    Looking good :)                              Im in here                       Slaughtered


                     Too late for me                  Paul would be proud!                 She bit it! See ??


                 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmn                   Daves serious face!                       Yes


                      Happy face                        Daves fine pull                         And another one!



                  Well if I have to I will                   Shocked                                Nice



                 Has she realised Im well gone?          Just one touch please              Not another photo



                       Yes                                Im still with it                     Hmmmmmmmmmm


                       Pissed                           Get us another one                   Errrrrrrm



                  No chance now!                      Oh yes Baja!                         And so our eyes meet


               Just need my weed!                    Do I have to?                    Dont suck on that straw


Do they suit me?