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Lyricist of the month

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This is where we put down the Lyricist of the month, but ya gotta be able to rhyme nahmean and it dont mean ya go to the hall of fame it just means that ya made it this far, for the Lyricist of the month I will e-mail you and tell yeah that ya have been in it, and I will put about 2 of ya rhymes up here and a little bit of shit that maybe you want me to say fo ya like a quote or something else, like a pic nahmean, but once you get it you should probly be respected at the Board cause I'll also post a meassage up there saying that you have been the Lyricist of the month aight, so keep rhymen and I'll be watchin. oh yeah and you can also be from any board dont matter where as long as I see yo rhymes.

This months Lyricsist is CRIMINAL MIND much love god.

Now, i arrive Toke, grab the mike, rhyme to survive A million rhymes in due time, A million times i do crime But not once caught, shot or dropped Persian warriors plan they shit Man they shit I IRAN this hit Terrosrist, bomb strapped to my chest A muthafuckin Persian Conquest Started 1-0 of the 0-2 Kicking shit with my whole crew Behind, in front, all over you Stay back, my premises alarm has gone Strapped day and night, Ready dusk till dawn Dressed in black robes, black clothes Busting rhymes, trippin you all like crack ho's You fiendin, for more or my shit Fiendin, for more of my hits So my style is wide spread, stolen, like IBM New styles, new flows, new lyrics till the end In God i trust In Rap I bust In this i must Break hos, shake hos I leave you spitting dust like fake ho's Once again, the electric flow has begun Spark the joint, grab the ho, this flow is the one Puff, eh yo, puff on the weed, enhale, take a toke and pass it Ruff, eh yo, puff on the weed, exhale, shake your ho and ass it Sesh shit up, wheres your match? Take a toke, whats the catch? Everybody be high, eh yo, everybody be high Its a game we all in, we ballin Nobody in this click be stallin Toke on the smoke, see our next score Fight? One on one or 44 on 44 We make, we take, we smoke weed and we bake Yeah muthafucka, we smoke weed an we bake


If ya Wanna peep CRIMINAL MIND got to the Jewlz of a man page and then to the Freestlye Arena.