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The Crew News

Da Don VICTORIUS Da Don has won his battle with Diante and is 1 and 0 so right now he's wating for a nother challange, and the Crew has also tooken over the board, the board was easy as shit to take over and thats one more of the 2 we have right now where at a lot of diffrent boards, but it will take us a long time, talking months maybe years to have homegrown locked down so right now everyone is just maken there self nown, as a emcee to da place and also the man himself yall remember bugsey, hes battlen wit some other nigga and last I checked he was wining the battle 2 to 1 and also ESCO is up in there woopin peeps up in a battle thats 5 to 3 so, so far the crewz peeps have been keepin it live to. Also the MaleVolent Web Records has made a name in all Arenas and is lookin fo a full time president, no one gets paid, there also looking fo some ill rhymers to join the company and spark it up, and the INFARED CREW is already in it. so one more time I still gotta put this add up were lookin fo a Female emcee to join the crew, and were also lookin fo a full time pres fo da MWR company, and some rhymers, so keep it real all yall.

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