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Welcome to the Brown I created this so others may enjoy the best brown beers I have found. I love a great "American Brown Ale" with a hint of sweetness and a great body. Some may even be stouts or porters, some reds or pales, but all are brown and all I love!.

I have searched and traveled the highway and have found some wonderful stuff. So I thought this would be a great way to let others try these great beers. I only feature one or 2 per month, and I wont send more than two 6-packs at a time.
This is NOT A BEER OF THE MONTH CLUB. I don't want to send you stuff you may not like, and I may only sell these from time to time. I won't repeat your order monthly, you must initiate orders on your own.

As I travel around the country searching for more(most of which you've never heard of)I will change my features every month. It is more than likely that I will run out of the good stuff towards the end of the month. These will be purchased in limited supply and sold on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you very much!

Johnny O'Ale

This Page Created: 1/7/98
Last Updated: 10/10/00

CLICK HERE List of latest brown beers!

NEW BEER POSTED!! Brothers Brewing Company,Honey Brown Ale.

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