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1. 2 Tupperware flower pot sets(hard to find)

2. Coooper hockey mask (hard to find)

3.soap dish (hard to find)

4. arm lamps (lamp part hard to find)

5. grabber hands (hard to find)

6. ping pong balls (hard to find depending on what type you want to use. glow in the dark are the hardest to find, but yellow and white ones which you can paint yellow are just about every where.)

7. bowling pins form Empire's "Kids Sports Bowling Set" which can be found at K-mart. (hard to find depending on which version of Crow you're making. Trace Beaulieu's Crow used an older version of this set that had a lowwer case "e" on the pins which as far as I know is no longer made. Bill Corbett's Crow uses the current version of the set in which the pins have a "crown" on them

8. black electrical tape.