McCoy Stables

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McCoy Stables

Breeding only the "Pride of The South", registered Tennessee Walking Horses, registered American Quarter Horses, & Beef Cattle.

Here at McCoy Stables we breed to win! We strive to win in the race of the best is personality, best in conformation, best in bloodlines, and over all best in the South.

Our horses are some of the best Walkers and Quarter Horses you will find, and that is a promise.

Our Walkers naturally gait, head nod, get down, show off, are extremly proud horses, and compete with the best. Our Quarter Horses are bred for preformance, muscle, and pure down right SPEED. Pretty heads, big rumps, quick reflexes, and good pedigrees is what we breed in our Quarter Horses.

We also produce a few Pruebred Arabians and Half-Arabians. These horse are bred for quality, showing, and trail riding, the best in Arabian-type blood. They have exceptional Arab-dished heads and are born with a proud-show off attitude. Buy your next Arabian or Half-Arabian show or trail horse at McCy Stables. In the words of, the late, Dr. Ruth Schmidt: "Any Arabian should not only be beautiful, but also be of good breed type, usable and rewarding in performance."

Weither it be Tennessee Walking Horses, American Quarter Horses, Arabian, or Half-Arabian. McCoy Stables offers you the best of all breeds and crosses. And that is a promise we can and will keep.

We also board horses for stall $175 per month. Our boarding is pure southern hospitality. We treat horses that we boarding just like the horses we own. Like family. (contact us for pasture and less-than-a-month rates)

McCoy Stables is located approximately 20minutes south of Corinth, MS, on HWY45, you'll see the green Hinkle sign. Please, if you are interested in anything, e-mail for more information on direction and other information. * be sure to sign the guest book*

So c'mon on down to McCoy Stables, whatcha waitin' for??? Horse people and horses are always welcome.

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