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Capital Region: Drop Madre Hill, Sign Tyrone Wheatley

Dundalk: Drops Trent Green QB/STL and picks up Pete Mitchell TE/NYG

Drops: QB Trent Dilfer
Signs: QB Jeff Blake

Drops: Mark Chmura (TE, GB)
Signs: Kurt Warner (QB, STL)

Capital Region:
Drops: Garrison Hearst, RB/SF and Reidel Anthony, WR/TB
Signs: Kevin Dyson, WR/TEN and Bill Schroeder, WR/GB

Cap Region drops Lawrence Phillips, RB/SF and signs Garrison Hearst, RB/SF.
Cap Region sends Donovan McNabb and a 6th round pick to Dundalk for Darnay Scott and a 3rd round pick.

Trade: Syracuse receives Kevin Dyson and Cap Region's 8th round draft pick in exchange for Cuse's 4th round draft pick in the 2000 Draft.  

Rochester - Drop: Skip Hicks and Thurman Thomas; Sign: James Stewart and Byron Hanspard  

Millbury - Drop: Green Bay Packers D/ST, Kevin Faulk and Chris Calloway; Sign: New York Giants DEF/ST, Rashaan Shehee and Mike Pritchard    

Syracuse - Drops: Tony Simmons; Acquires: Kevin Dyson

Cap Region - Trades away: Kevin Dyson; Drops: Rickey Dudley Wade Richey, Buffalo D/ST; Signs: Lawrence Phillips, Stoney Case, Mike Husted, New England D/ST  

Pacific - Drop: Thurman Thomas; Sign: Greg Clark

Rochester gets: Darnay Scott
Cap Region gets:Byron Hanspard

New Mexico
Drop:Frank Sanders, Richie Anderson NYJ
Sign:Az-zahir Hakim, Richard Huntley  PIT

Drop: JJ Stokes
Sign: Derek Loville

Drop: Kris Brown K PITT, NY Giants D/ST
Sign: Jeff Wilkins K/STL, Dallas CowboysD/ST

Cap Region
Drop: Lawrence Phillips, RB/SF
Sign: Rashaan Salaam, RB/CLE

Drop: Karim Abdul-Jabbar
Sign: Robert Holcombe

Cap Region:
I'd like to drop Rickey Dudley, TE/OAK and
Stoney Case, QB/BAL and add Jeff George, QB/MIN
and Jonathon Linton, RB/BUF.

drop Eric Green TE NYJ and sign TE-Byron


Pacific: Mike Pritchard/WR/SEA
Millbury: Joey Galloway/WR/SEA

Cap Region: Daunte Culpepper, QB/MIN

Greencastle: Kordell Stewart QB/PIT

Drop James Johnson, RB/MIA and pick up Tiki Barber, RB/NYG. Drop Priest Holmes, RB/BAL and Ike Hilliard, WR/NYG and pick up Terrence Wilkins, WR/IND and Shawn Jefferson, WR/NE.

New Mexico: Drop Rae Carruth, sign Olandis Gary

San Diego DROP: OJ Santiago, TE/ATL
CLAIM: Karim Abdul-Jabbar, RB/CLE    

Cap Region drop Rashaan Salaam, RB/CLE
pick up:Stoney Case, QB/BAL  

Release Derrick Mayes/WR/SEA and sign Kevin William/WR/BUF
Drop Ron Rivers/RB/DET and sign Moe Williams/RB/MIN

Drop Rashaan Sheehee RB/KC and sign Kenny Bynum RB/SD
Drop Kevin Williams WR/BUF and sign Jake Reed WR/MIN

Cap Region:
drop Stoney Case, QB/BAL and pickup Rich Gannon, QB/OAK

Pacific dropped Marino and Plummer, and picked up Jeff Garcia and Elvis Grbac

Cap Region:
Drop New England D
Sign Washington D

Release Kenny Bynum/RB/SD and sign Brett Conway K/WAS

Release Jake Reed/WR/MIN and sign Derrick Mayes/WR/SEA

Release Moe Williams RB/MIN and sign Jake Plummer QB/ARI

Cap Region gets Tony Martin, New Mexico gets Garrison Hearst


Release Dallas DEF/ST and sign Detroit

Drop: Gary Brown, Sign: Michael Pittman

Drop Detroit and sign Dallas
Drop Byron Chamberlain TE/DEN and sign Fred Baxter NYJ

New Mexico
Drop New Orleans
Sign St Louis
drop richie cunningham and sign chris miller qb denver.