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Valhalla: SIGNS: Pittsburgh D/ST, cuts AMP LEE

Released Yatil Green, WR/MIA and picked up Lamar Smith, RB/NO

Capital Region:
Released Bill Schroeder, WR/GB and picked up Mike Husted, K/OAK

Drop Mike Cloud, RB, KC, Acquire Greg Hill, RB, STL
Drop Rob Konrad, RB, MIA, Acquire Tyrone Davis, TE, GB

Capital Region:
Drop: Bubby Brister, QB/DEN and Derrick Mayes, WR/SEA
Acquire: Brian Griese, QB/DEN and Bill Schroeder, WR/GB
Drop: Ron Rivers, RB/DET, Acquire Madre Hill, RB/CLE


Release Lamar Smith RB/NO and sign Richard Huntley (RB) PIT


Drops Amos Zereoue,RB/PIT and claims Neil O'Donnell, QB/TEN.

Drops Garrison Hearst, RB/SF
Adds Tyrone Wheatley, RB/OAK

Capital Region:
Drops Madre Hill, RB/CLE
Adds Ron Rivers, RB/DET

Drops Tyrone Davis, TE/GB and Mario Bates, RB/ARI
Adds Kimble Anders, RB/KC and Sean Bennett, RB/NYG


Seattle sends Corey Dillon, RB/CIN to Boston for
Carl Pickens, WR/CIN
(Tom no longer wanted him now that he was playing.

Atlanta sends Jeff George and Terrell Owens to Baltimore
for Yancey Thigpen and Jake Plummer.



Drop Eddie Kennison, WR/NO; Terry Kirby, RB/CLE;  Kevin Johnson, WR/CLE
Add Kent Graham, QB/NYG; Germane Crowell, WR/DET; Brent Conway, K/WAS

Drop: Jacquez Green, WR/TB
Add: Albert Connell, WR/WAS

Drop: Joe Montgomery, RB/NYG; Sedrick Shaw, RB/CLE
Add: Larry Centers, RB/WAS; Randy Jordan, RB/OAK

Capital Region:
Drop: Andre Rison, WR/KC
Add: Jonathon Linton, RB/BUF

Boston (Winner of the Kurt Warner sweepstakes):
Drop: Thurman Thomas, RB/BUF
Add: Kurt Warner, QB/STL

Drop: Bert Emmanuel, WR/TB
Add: Corey Bradford, WR/GB

Drop: Donovan McNabb, QB/PHI
Add: Jeff Blake, QB/CIN

Rocky Mountain:
Drop: Donnell Bennett, RB/KC
Add: Bob Christian, RB/ATL

Drop: Trent Green, QB/STL
Add: Doug Pederson, QB/PHI


Boston sends Keyshawn Johnson, WR/NYJ to Quebec in exchange for Curtis Martin, RB/NYJ.

Boston sends Kurt Warner and Tyrone Wheatley to Hollywood for Herman Moore and Greg Hill.

Boston sends Richard Huntley RB/PIT to Indianapolis for E.G. Green, WR/IND.

Capital Region - Drops: Jonathon Linton, RB/BUF and signs Zack Crockett, RB/OAK.

Quebec - Drops: Tony Gonzalez, TE/KC and signs: Terry Kirby, RB/CLE.

Hollywood: Waive Jeff Blake and Kimble Anders, Acquire Bert Emmanuel and Mario Bates

Indianapolis: Drop: Mark Chmura, TE/GB, Leslie Shepherd, WR/CLE, Mike Pritchard, WR/SEA, Terance Mathis, WR/ATL (2), Miami D/ST ; Acquire: Richie Anderson, RB/NYJ, Keith Poole, WR/NO, Chris Jacke, K/ARI, Billie Joe Hobert, QB/NO, Jacksonville D/ST

College Station - Drop:  Michael Jackson, WR and Sign:  Eddie Kennison, WR/NO

Jurmoon had first choice with a 1-2 record and 52 points scored:

Drop Denver D/ST
Acquire Miami D/ST

Drop Sean Bennett, RB, NYG
Acquire Martin Gramatica, K, TB

Drop Bert Emmanuel, WR, TB
Acquire Terance Mathis, WR, ATL(2)

Baloo was second, also at 1-2 but with 64 points:

Drop Priest Holmes, RB/BAL(2)
Sign Kevin Johnson, WR/CLE

Next came Bousquet (1-2 and 74 points):

Drop: David Boston, WR/ARZ
Add: Tony Gonzalez, TE/KC

Then Trace (1-2 and 97 points):

Drop:  Morten Andersen, K/ATL
Claim: Jeff Jaeger, K/CHI

Drop:  Michael Jackson, WR
Claim:  Andre Rison, WR/KC


Drop: Green Bay Packers
Sign: Chicago Bears

Drop: Greg Hill RB DET
Sign: Rashaan Shehee, RB KC

Drop: Chris Calloway WR ATL
Sign: Mike Pritchard WR SEA

Drop: Detrick Ward WR NYJ
Sign: Shawn Jefferson NE

Drop: Rob Johnson, Sign: Jeff Garcia



Hollywood trades  Brett Favre, QB, GB and Martin Gramatica, K, TB 
to Boston for  Doug Flutie, QB, BUF and Jerome Bettis, RB, PIT

College Station

Drop:  Jeff Jaeger, K/CHI, Arizona Def., Cade McNown, QB/CHI
Claim:  John Kasay, K/CAR, Dallas Def., Morten Andersen, K/ATL


Waive Terance Mathis, WR, ATL, Mario Bates
Acquire Az Hakim, WR, STL, Derick Loville


Drop: Doug Pederson, QB/PHI
Sign: Rick Mirer, QB/NYJ

Capital Region

Drop: Rob Moore, WR/ARI
Sign: Bubby Brister, QB/DEN

Boston (Tom, Seattle has Pickens)

Drop: Jeff Garcia, QB/SF, Chicago Bears
Sign: Joe Horn, WR/KC, Buffalo Bills


Drop: OJ Santiago, TE/ATL
Sign: Akili Smith, QB/CIN

Drop: Horn, WR/KC?
Add: Rob Moore, WR/ARI

> Baltimore:
> Drop K. Graham, QB NYG and M. Irvin, WR DAL
> Add: S. Beuerlein, QB CAR and T. Mathis, WR ATL
> Capital Region:
> Drop: Zack Crockett, RB/OAK
> Add:  Jonathon Linton, RB/BUF.

From Tom:

First of all, everyone wanted Orlandis Gary. Only one of us got him.

Seeding is as follows:

1. College Station 1-5

Trace drops Jermaine Lewis/WR/BAL (2) Baloo asked previously to drop Ron Rivers/RB/DET and sign Oronde
Gadsen/WR/MIABaloo asked previously to drop Ron Rivers/RB/DET and sign Oronde
Gadsen/WR/MIA(sorry, but I think you dropped Andre Rison
a couple of weeks ago to get Hines Ward; if this is wrong, let's correct it
because it's probably not a huge deal either way) and signs Orlandis

Trace also drops Dallas DEF/ST and signs St. Louis.

Sorry, but you didn't give me anyone extra to do the Huard deal and I figured
you'd rather have Orlandis Gary.
3. Indy (2-4; 120 points)

Indy drops Jim Harbaugh/QB/SD and signs Damon Huard/QB/MIA

4. Lafayette (2-4; 122 points)

Drops: Randy Jordan/RB/OAK and signs Tiki Barber/RB/NYG
Drops  Rae Carruth/WR/CAR and signs Joe Horn/WR/KC

8. Capitol Region (3-3; 130 points)

Drop Bubbie Brister/QB/DEN and sign Robert Holcombe/RB/STL; drop Ron Rivers/RB/DET and sign Oronde

11. Boston (4-2; 137 points)

Release Kris Brown/K/PIT and sign Greg Hill/RB/DET
Release Mike Pritchard/WR/SEA and sign Kevin Williams/WR/BUF
Release Buffalo/DEF/ST and sign Green Bay

13. Hollywood (4-2; 138 points)

Release Jake Reed/WR/MIN and sign Matt Stover/K/BAL

Greg Hill and Orlandis Gary already taken.

14. Atlanta (5-1)

I'm not positive about this since I had two notes from Van via Baloo. I think
he wants to drop Chris Miller/QB/DEN (or is it Jake Plummer/QB/ARI?) and sign
the first available from Damon Huard/Jeff Garcia/Dave Brown. For the time
being I'm writing it down as Miller for Garcia but if Van wants to change it I
doubt anyone would object.

Drop OJ Santiago/TE/ATL and sign Patrick Jeffers/WR/CAR

If any of this is wrong, please let me know ASAP

Atlanta trades Curtis Enis/RB/CHI and Atlanta's 10th round pick in the 2000
Draft to Quebec for Chris Warren/RB/DAL and Quebec's 1st round selection in
the2000 Draft.

Atlanta sends Cecil Collins and Atlanta's 9th pick in the 2000 draft
to Boston for Kevin Faulk and Boston's 1st pick in the 2000 draft.

Lafayette sends Cris Carter, WR/MIN and Lafayette's 7th round pick for next
year to Baltimore for Amani Toomer, WR/NYG, and Baltimore's 2nd round pick
next year.

Boston sends Greg Hill/RB/DET and its 5th and 8th picks to College Station for
Steve Young/QB/SF and its 9th and 10th picks

Boston sends Shawn Jefferson/WR/NE and its 3rd pick to Lafayette for Rod
Smith/WR/DEN and its 6th pick.

Hollywood trades Tyrone Wheatley and 2nd round draft choice to College
Station for Eddie George and 6th round raft choice.

Hollywood trades 4th round draft choice to Lafayette for Jeff Wilkins and
10th round draft choice

Here they are:

Capital Region:
Drop: Oronde Gadsden, WR/MIA
Add: Matthew Hatchette, WR/MIN

Drop: Gary Brown, RB/NYG, Matt Stover, K/Bal
Add: Zack Crockett, RB/OAK, Kris Brown, K/PIT

Drop:Rashaan Shehee RB/KC, Kevin Williams, WR/BUF, Barry Sanders (2), RB/DET
Add: Moe Williams/RB, Kenny Bynum. RB/SD, Jake Reed, WR/MIN


Drop: Jake Reed, WR/MIN
Add: Derrick Mayes, WR/SEA


Drop: Zack Crockett, RB/OAK
Add: Tim Dwight, WR/ATL


Quebec gets Duce Staley and College Station's 8th round draft pick.

College Station receives Tony Simmons and Quebec's 3rd round pick.

Drop: San Diego D/ST
Sign: New England D/ST

Release Green Bay DEF/ST and sign Detroit
Release Kenny Bynum RB/SD and sign Hines Ward WR/PIT
Release Moe Williams RB/MIN and sign Jake Reed WR/MIN

Capital Region:
Drop: Robert Holcombe, RB/STL, Matthew Hatchette, WR/MIN
Add: Gus Frerotte, QB/DET, Chris Miller, QB/DEN

Release Jake Reed WR/MIN and sign Jeff Miller QB/CHI
Release Hines Ward WR/PIT and sign Marcus Robinson WR/CHI
Release E.G. Green WR/IND and sign Michael Pittman RB/ARI
drop Detroit and add Carolina

Capital Region
Drop NYJ
Add: Washington