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AFFL Quasi-Official Rules

1) Your roster has 15 players.

2) The starting line-up is:

1 QB

2 RB


1 K

1 D/ST

3) Scoring:

6 pts - Rushing/Receiving TD/Defensive TD

3 pts - Passing TD

3 pts - FG

2 pts Safety; passing/rushing/receiving two-point conversions

1 pt - Shutout

4) Transactions have to be in by Wednesday at Midnight Eastern.

5) Line-ups have to be in by Saturday at noon Eastern. When there are Thursday games the line-ups need to be in by Thursday at noon Eastern. When there are Saturday games the line-ups need to be in by noon Eastern on Saturday.

6) Jurmoon will be doing the score keeping this season because I wont be able to get scores out as early as Id like. Ill be doing the transactions and the line-ups though.

7) Five players may be kept each year. No player may be kept for more than three seasons.



1) You can keep 5 players from your current roster.

2) Guys can only stay out of the draft for 3 years.

3) If you keep less than 5 players, you get extra picks at the end of the draft, so theres really no reason not to keep 5 guys.