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  • Viola`S Homepage - She is a girl in violet dress ... my highschool classmate. Learn about her, chat with her, send email to her, and make friend with her. [from Germany]
  • Hundaga`S Homepage - This genius guy is Mongolian Cyberguy ... !!!! He was my highschool classmate since 4th grade. [from USA]
  • Shuree`S Homepage - She was a girl who was sitting next to me in highschool (1 year/8 grade) ... First attempt to build a homepage. It's still underconstruction, But please, leave a message in her guestbook! [from Germany]
  • Orsihoo`S Homepage - 'underconstruction, he has deleted his old homepage, but working on another one' - He is so good at MATH ... Also he is really interested in programming stuff. He was also my classmate in BUTTSDS. [from Hungary]
  • Davaa`S Homepage - He is a handsome guy ... We've been friends since our childhood. Check his notebook out! [from Mongolia]

  • DoRe`S Friends` Links
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    Some new pictures are added on May 02nd. If you need a password and an username email me, ask me for them. I see what I can do, ok?
    - [ene zobhon minii tanidag humuust l hamaarna]

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