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Mongolian Music Page
CLICK HERE (about 455 KB - *.ra file) to listen traditional music played by HORSE VioLiN!
CLICK HERE to listen instantly (*.ram). For more Mongolian songs: -
Sign of Mongolia -==- `Soyombo`
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      There is a bewildering array of free software available to manage your audio downloads. Think of it as a fantasy team - you get to select the best player for the job!
      To take full advantage of your internet music experience, you should install a player that can both play and organize your downloads. Many players are also ripper/encoders, they can create compressed sound files, like MP3s, from your regular CDs. Some software even allows you to remix songs! And whether you're an audio sophisticate or just want to figure out how to best store your MP3s, you can always use a "skin" - that's a customized faceplate for your player that looks cute or scary or slick as all get-out.
  • You should download and install Real Player to take full advantage of our web site. To get "Real player" go to

  • Version: 2 Basic
  • File Size: 3.8MB & 8.3MB
  • Download.
  • Homepage.
  •        RealJukebox can play and record; has hundreds of skins and graphic equalizers; and can be used with either PC or Mac. Versatile, flashy and effective.
    • Features: player, library, custom skins, ripper/encoder
    • Plays: CDs, MP3, RealAudio, Mjuice MP3, Liquid Audio, a2b
    • Works on: Windows

  • Version: 2.65
  • File Size: 2MB & 563KB
  • Download.
  • Homepage.
  •        Winamp plays MP3, CD audio, and many more open and secure music formats. Hoards of user-designed skins are available. One of the original players on the scene. 3GB of FREE Net Music Storage, Plays Windows Media Audio, Plays M-Juice Audio, Winamp Visualization Studio!
    • Features: player, library, custom skins
    • Plays: CDs, MP3, Mjuice MP3, Liquid Audio, Windows Media, WAV
    • Works on: Windows

  • Version: 1.63
  • File Size: 1.9 MB
  • Download.
  • Homepage.
  •        A great-looking Windows-based player that has a fluid interface, full-featured playlist editor, and graphic equalizer.
    • Features: player, library, custom skins
    • Plays: CDs, MP3, Windows Media
    • Works on: Windows

  • Version:
  • File Size: 9.89MB &
  • Download.
  • Homepage.
  •        The iCASTER is a next-generation media-player that integrates media search with chat, instant messaging, CD playback and related browser-based content. It's the only media player that allows users to experience online entertainment in a contextual, convenient and community-centric fashion. iCASTER allows you to chat with your buddies, play music and videos and share playlists with friends.
    • Features: player, instant messaging, chat, customized skins
    • Plays: CDs, audio and video files, streaming-media broadcasts
    • Works on: Windows

          Voquette Media Manager
    Voquette Media
  • Version: 1.4
  • File Size: 7MB
  • Download.
  • Homepage.
  •        Voquette supercharges the functionality of your players with its Media Manager (VMM) software. Taking web audio beyond the time constraints associated with traditional downloading, this software allows you to capture streaming audio, (Real Audio, Windows Media Player, streaming MP3's) from live concerts, music and entertainment shows, financial earnings calls, financial updates, and news radio shows, on to your PC hard drive. You can listen to streaming audio offline, when you choose, and without drop outs. VMM allows scheduling to automatically capture your streams at the time you choose. And when you want to listen to all your favorite web audio away from your computer, VMM lets you record it on to popular portable devices such as MiniDisc players, Voquette's NetRecorder (an internet enabled cassette recorder) and MP3 players.
    • Features: Stream capture, automatic recording, multiple formats
    • Plays: MP3s, Real Audio, Windows Media, Wav, m3u, Cd's
    • Works on: Windows (Except Windows 2000)

          Windows Media Player
    Windows Media
  • Version: 7
  • File Size: 9,547 KB &
  • Download.
  • Homepage.
  •        This player is truly media friendly, delivering all the popular streaming and downloadable audio AND video formats through a resize-able window. It offers the double threat of audio and video.
    • Features: player
    • Plays: MP3, Windows Media, WAV, AVI
    • Works on: Windows, Mac

          Liquid Audio
    Liquid Audio
  • Version: 5
  • File Size: 5 MB
  • Download.
  • Homepage.
  •        A proprietary music format that combines downloadable music with streaming audio, with newly added MP3 capabilities. The player easily displays album artwork, lyrics and liner notes. With its secure, established format, Liquid Audio is like Jerry Rice, a loyal team-player and a sure-handed champ.
    • Features: player, library, custom skins
    • Plays: MP3, Liquid Audio
    • Works on: Windows, Mac

    E        To download files its better to use special program, which could resume stopped downloads (what happens often), the examples of such program is Get Right.

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    Mp3 Players Section

    MusicMatch JukeBox

    Download Ripper

    An all around player/encoder/ripper. It uses the Xing engine for the encoding, which means fast and efficient encoding. The cddb support is real nice, and the mp3 player has playlist capabilities. The cd-->mp3 conversion can be done in the least amount of time, and for 30 dollars, you can lifetime updates.

    Latest version - 5.012 "Demo"



    Download Player

    The world-wide famous and most feature-packed MP3 player ever. The equalizer, skin / plug-in support is simply amazing, and the speed and sound quality is very nice. The latest versions have various improvements, and better support for ShoutCast.

    Latest Version - 2.50 "Shareware"



    Download Player

    K-jofol, programmed by fat rOn. :D The only mp3/vqf/aac player available. The interface is very nice, and there are some excellent skins for Kjofol out there. Now it supports Winamp Plug-ins, and the upcoming dock mode might put this player to the top. 0.5 is just out and it totally rocks. Get it.

    Latest Version - 0.51 "FreeWare"



    Download Player

    • Supports MP1, MP2, MP3, VQF, CDDA, MODs, Unreal UMX Music, MIDI, DirectMusic, WAV, AIFF/AIFC (AAC coming soon)
    • Encodes MP3, Windows WAV, Apple AIFC and Raw Format
    • Full Xing VBR support (AudioCatalyst 1.5)
    • DirectSound and DirectSound3D output
    • Pentium III SIMD (IESS) support
    • Line-In Live Input Sampler
    • Shoutcast compliant (via Winamp Shoutcast DSP Plug-In)
    • CDDA Extractor (Requires the latest ASPI drivers from Adaptec on Windows 9x systems)
    • CDDB client and caching Server
    • Life streaming from the Internet/Intranet (ftp, http)
    • Fulll featured Playlist editor
    • Runs all WinAmp Visualization AND DSP Plug-Ins (even multiple at the same time)
    • Manages up to 64 Input/Output/Vis/DSP Plug-In Setups (including Native- and Winamp-Plug-In mixed mode)
    • Includes three native Visualization Plug-Ins VU-Meter, Spectrum Analyser, Oscilliscope)
    • ID3 Tag Editing
    • IRC messaging support (mIRC)
    • Plug-Ins can be run on remote computers (Windows NT only for now)
    • Mousewheel control
    • Shell/Desktop/System Tray Integration
    • Well, and basically anything else you would expect from a good player :)

    Latest Version - 1.4 "Shareware"



    Download Player

    • For Windows 95/98/NT
    • High Quality MP3 / CD Player with CDDB
    • Multi-language Interface
    • Recorder / File Converter
    • Powerful Playlist (organizer)
    • Texture System with AnimTex / WinAMP skins
    • Pitch Control / Equalizer
    • ID3 Reader, Writer / Plug-in Support

    Latest Version - 1.70 beta5 "Shareware"



    Download Player

    Sonique 1.30 adds several new online features including a built-in music search as well as numerous performance enhancements and fixes. Sonique supports MP3, WMA, S3M, MOD, IT, XM, WAV, and CD-Audio formats. You can customize Sonique by downloading plug-ins and skins.

    Latest version - 1.30 "Freeware"



    Download Player

    The player that has stopped development a few months ago, after being sold to Dimension Music. People still use Nad for its incredible sound quality. Now it's being developed by Sexo again as Audio Enlightenement.

    Latest version - 0.93 "Freeware"



    Download Player

    Soritong is a MP3 player with powerful organization features. It also plays SH(S6) files, which we, Sorinara, developed for purpose of distributing demo music. This file format is only used internally by us, and you are probably not going to find it anywhere else. Your feedback is very important for us to develop better product, so feel free to contact us if you have any good suggestions or have found any bugs.

    Latest version - 1.0b3



    Download Player

    WinJey 1.01 is out. Get it !

    • Added heavy changes to MPG decoding engine. No bubbles or cracks in bad MP3's...
    • New MPG decoding engine does not crash any longer when invalid MP3's are encountered.
    • Added MIDI plugin to player.
    • Faster startup of player: Old player took too much time loading input plugins.
    • Player is now more stable: Found some deadlock bugs and integrated thread locks
    • Automated corrupted files skipping: Corrupted files are skipped after 15 seconds if no user action occurs (Ideal for using player in bars, shops)
    • Panning has been implemented in Winamp skins and added to .design files.
    • New graphics engine (256 color support, faster hicolor and truecolor support)
    • Yamp .designs are now perfectly integrated (bevels, text support, ...)
    • Snap to viewport improved (snap while moving)

    Latest version - 1.01 "Freeware"


    DartPro 98


    There is a quick, easy, and cost effective way to save the music you have
    collected and play it at work, in your car, or at home on your CD player.
    Just use DART PRO 98 to record sound files from analog or digital sources
    such as MP3 files, clean-up the audio, organize the tunes into playlists,
    and write a standard Redbook audio CD that can be played in any CD player.

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