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Winston Cup Butts

Hello and welcome to a new and exciting page dedicated to "the other side" of NASCAR Winston Cup Racing. For years we of the female persuasion have appreciated the many unseen parts of NASCAR, and may I say what fine parts some of them are!! Yum Yum any rate I am your hostess Kim aka Cozmeaux aka Dale Jarrett & Jr, and Rusty Wallace lust-o-maniac. I along with several of my friends in cyber-race will be attempting to bring the finer points of NASCAR to the internet, and hell along the way we may even mention a race or two, and who won!! So keep checking in as I am in the process of building this shrine to the divine...and if you have any pics, images or anything you want to see here please send it to me!! I would also like to thank a good friend of mine who is a great photographer and has shamelessly taken booty pics for me at the risk of embarrassing himself - THANKS JIM - you da man!!!!! Check out his website and please sign his guestbook, and mine too !!! I would also like to thank a few of yall who have sent along pics , Cassie, Turtle, TRL, Wenchy, Bean, Amanda, Lizzykitty, and I am sorry if I forgot anyone......thank you thank you and please keep em coming, and tell your friends !!!! Thanks and yall come back now ya hear?!? BTW - I will be UPDATING majorly as soon as I can - so check back again soon! Thanks !

By the way......if your driver is not on here, it means I don't have a picture of his "rear spoiler" !! If you have any pics of any drivers that you think are good, send em along......and not just butt pics, pics in street clothes, whatever......I am going to add to this page and have lots of shots of the guys we love looking good on and off the track !! Thanks !


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