Brief Synopsis on Jewish Theology

Michael HaShev (aka Mike Night)

Judaism has always taught a firm ethic of working for a better world, not waiting or sitting expecting it to plop down and be handed to us. The mistake secular society takes is in waiting on G-d, as seen in their misstranslation of the term in the bible which meant “Bind” in G-d (not wait on G-d). This waiting causes society to neglect the work that must be done in order to create the world to come that could and ought to be.
Judaism is about changing the world in which we live. This should come as no surprise, since Jews recite this three times a day, in the very final prayer of the service, known as Aleinu: 'to perfect the world in G-d's kingdom.'
So in Brief, that is what Judaism is about, it is about transforming and bettering the world. The 'repair of the World' =Tikkun Olam. and preparing for the 'world to come'=Olam Habah. All of Judaism is based on the ideas that life is a steady progression of processions toward higher states of perfection, both on micro and macro layers of existance. Man is instructed to better himself & rid himself of animalistic tendencies and deprecating and selfish receiving impulses. The knowledge & teaching that the future will bring a better world is not just a dream. The Torah itself, talks about the coming of Moshiach, who will set the process of redemption in motion by which the world will reach its perfection. Jews believe that all peoples are called to the service of righteousness, and we welcome dialogue with people of “good will” from all traditions. We believe in working towards the Tikkun Olam / 'the repair of the world' through programs of social action. Things like Poverty, Racial discrimination, political injustice, war and environmental deterioration are concerns always addressed in Judaism. Here's a page on Activism and Volunteerism for those who wish to get involved also:

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