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  • The Anti Satan Page Exposing The Fallen False Prophet in Ezekiel 28
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  • Musicians/Models/Artists Resources & Connections
    Tips and Valuable Contacts, Promotional and Marketing Music & Talent Business Resources.
    Also links to Poetry and Midi Music

    Night's Club Groove Midi Music
    Night's Dance Rhythm Midi Music
    Night's Celebration Midi
    Short clip-Night's "Woh" Midi
    Night's Thriller Movie Midi
    Night's Rhumba Midi
    Night's Reggae Midi
    Night's Scratch Midi
    Night's Concert Piano Midi

    -Sedate Music Wav Clips & MP3's-

    Follow Me Home MP3By Mike Night
    (c)1990 Happy Heart Records
    SometimesBy Mike Night
    (c)1985 Happy Heart Records

    Tra La La Song Instrumental Version MP3
    By Mike Night
    (c)1985 Happy Heart Records
    Music While Reading
    Listen To My Online Radio Station

    New Graphics For Musician's CD's
    Make unique jewel cases with these graphics that can be placed inside your print or jewel case programs folders to add more CD styles to your selection

    -Upbeat Song Clips-
    To This World MP3By Mike Night
    (c)1990 Happy Heart Records
    Mr. Big Time Business MP3Political Song By Mike Night
    (c)1990 Happy Heart Records
    'Gold' MP3By Mike Night
    (c)1990 Happy Heart Records
    "Toss & Turn" MP3By Mike Night
    (c)1990 Happy Heart Records
    "Stand Up Soldiers"Gulf War song by "City Life"
    produced by Mike Night
    (c)1991 City Life
  • Looking for my song 'Control'? More MP3's are on this Page
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  • Older Original Desktop Wallpapers Page

  • Free Unique Animated Gifs Updated 4/2001

    NEWER Animated Gif's on this NEW page 5/2001
    -worth a visit, these are Top Notch and truly unique.

    Latest Graphics Page
  • Desktop Graphics & Web Backgrounds/Music Player Skins/ Star of David 'Rebbe Cop' for EA's NFS3 Pursuit Car & Jerusalem Theme Track

  • Volunteerism Projects/OrgsList by States
  • Conversion to Judaism Resources
  • *NEW ESSAY*The Much Needed Restructuring of Gov't

  • Looking For Blue Prints? Visit:
  • Night's Free Economic House Designs & Floor Plan Layouts
  • Favorite Links

    *NEW* Brief Synopsis of Judaisms Ideology

  • The Visions of our FutureAs Seen On TLC's- Science Frontier's Espisodes "Future Fantastics" & "The Body Clock" &
    ABC Nightline's Brave New World;
    "man vs machine"

  • Paul & The Light Of LuciferTruth About Death & the Light at the end of the Tunnel.

  • 7/99-New links on this page, on Evangelists (Evil Angels) who Refuse My Messages & foresake us by keeping silent.

  • Perceiving Prophecy & the Promised Heavenly Kingdom

  • Revealing Lucifer

  • Truth about the AfterlifeDeceptions of Afterlife Teachings
  • Truth about Hell/Satan/666Former Page Reopened & Revised

  • Jesus the False Prophet of God
  • Search for the Historical Jesus
  • *NEW* Dead Sea Scrolls- Wicked Priest & Man of Righteousness
  • Who were the Pharisees? Who acts like them today?
  • Secret about the RaptureBeware of being Wisked Away!
  • *NEW* Who is the JudgeWhat Purpose Does Judgment Serve?
  • Preparing the Flock for the Coming Messiah AgeResource For Transitional Clergy
  • Explaining Angels By Context of Scripture
  • Admiting they Worship Another God
    Chat Room Blunders Documented
  • Deceptions in Placing Jesus in The Old Testament
    Why Jesus Never Fulfilled the Prophecies
  • The Giant Ego of DeceptionIs it submission to Faith or Sadistic Ego?
  • Satan's Miracles & False Wonders
  • Why Jesus Didn't Atone For Our Sins
  • Jacobs Ladder-Ultimate Lesson to Mankind
  • The Lesson in Abraham Breaking the Idols
  • Belial-and his priests of deception
  • *NEW* Who's son is he?Who's your daddy?
  • Problems with the Virgin Birth Story
  • Together As One
  • But under who's authorityLesson of The Tower of Babel
  • *NEW* Changing of the GuardsMore Bible Proof of the Changing Authority
  • *NEW* King of the Abyss?
  • Problems in condemning people of higher virtue
  • *NEW* Elements of Success in Life & Business
  • *NEW* How does one Become Righteous?
  • Listen to a Real Audio clip - How do you become Righteous?
  • *NEW* Biblical Terms DictionaryDecipher symbolic terms & biblical slang
    -Health & ACTIVISM-
  • Healthy Diet PlanLow Fat Menu Program
  • Cancer Cures Info & Prevention
    Biotechnology; miracles
  • Human Rights/Health Advocacy & Campaign Resources
  • Disability Resources Links
  • World Population Page Stats & Solutions to Depleting Resources
  • Future Solution to World HungerFood Supply & Distribution
  • Teachers Resources for teaching tolerance
  • Get Active World CampaignPlanet Earth Foundation
  • American Jewish World Services
    Help Alleviate Human suffering, poverty, hunger & disease

  • Lifting the Veil
    Revealing the true Concepts over what's distortedly taught.

  • *NEW*- Similarities Throughout Religions (Same Message Different Words)

  • Why do we need a Messiah? Purpose of the Messiah Explained

  • Pre-Requisites of the Messiah-Qualifying the True Fulfillment

  • Prerequisites of SatanWho Matches Exactly?

  • Controlling Dreams to Relieve the MindThis Pg made it's way onto TV's Strange Science

  • Who were the First Transhumanists?
    Futurist Links Building A New Perfection of Man

  • Human Cloning Org
    Human Cloning Info & Support/look for
    Mike's pro-cloning & life perfection essay in the Published Section
    Future Method for THE Resurrection

  • *NEW*-Benefits of CloningFrom the New Stem Cell Breakthrough

  • More Proof against the Trinity and Man/God

  • Who Theologians Have Labeled the "Beast Of Babylon"Anti-Christs Throughout the Centuries
    What this beast caused in it's teachings

  • Alternative Ethnic Spiritual path For those who wish to free themselves from the Lie that supressed them

  • African American Links & Resources

  • Alternative Japanese Spiritual Path Resources

    Similarities Between traditional Japanese & Jewish Customs

  • Poetry Page with Insightful Essays and links to Artists Resources Links

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