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My Poetry

This is my poetry. This page is dedicated to Neeley Bryant, my muse. This page has long been a labour for me to uphold, it is, in fact the only real reason that I even have a webpage anymore. I hope it is enjoyed by whoever may enter these walls. Thank you
... But I must warn you, there are words and/or images here that some would consider profane, so if you're offended by profane language and/or slight nudity, I suggest you leave, if not, look at is as I do, a word is a word, a picture is but a picture, and when used should be seen as such, so have fun with it. Anyway, that's only there for political correctness.
Neeley, Lady of Contradiction
You're so vindictive, but sweet
You're like leather coated frost cake
If I should bend you
You'd make me bleed
Does that matter?
I don't know
Why do I feel I need you
When you don't want me anymore?
Maybe I'm a masochist
Song of Love
She lived down in the land of swamp
Seeking a knight where only rats walked
Into a room of darkness, she came
As the wizard in black called
To the amethyst table she went
And fell into a hole that gave strange feelings in her stomach
Strangest of all, the wizard of darkness
Who saw this dearest lady began to feel the same
The vampire mage, the mystic knight
Felt so protected by her presence
Does this dark one love one so pure as she?
The question we ask; can the monster love?
And will he love this beauty in blue?
His face seems unreadable, his heart screams yes
Lady in blue, dearest one, darling woman
He does indeed need you, that can't be bad, can it?
They ran around the fires, naked, free
The flames flew so high
Today is the burning day
Blessings to our fields
The Stag God shall fall today
And wait for spring to be reborn
Bright Nature Goddess, mother to us all
Pregnant by the Stag God
That he may be reborn
Fills our earth with her fertility
Lonely, I retire to my tent
And she was there, covered in sweat
Her hair damp and sticking to her skin
I rose and embraced my sweet lady
And she was beside me
We played strange games
As we danced our dance of lovers
And we had joy, and we had pleasure
Then the dance was done, she left my tent
She was so lovely, she was so energetic
She was so beautiful, she was so gone
So I slept, my tent full of her smell
Only the sweetest of dreams could come to me
I love her, she loves me
How else could it be?
Chanda, lovely moons daughter
I wish you could see what I see
I wish you could love me
But we both know this will never be
So I'll just sit here alone
'Cause I want nothing
If you don't want me
Chanda, everything that I am not
I wish I could hold you
Even if only for a moment
But we both know this can never be
So I'll walk into the abyss
And scream into this dead land
'Cause I know you'll never ever love me
I'm so tired. I think I'll go to sleep
And never again will I wake
'Cause in my dreams there's only you
So why should I wake and be without?
Daughter of the moon, sister of the stars
Offer me just one thing
Let me die in love with you
For if I cannot live for you
What else have I?
Fuck the Fuck
The reptile lusts
The aching, sweating body of the attacked
By its fevered prick
The sanguine sky begins to fade
As the screams fill the air
It was so dark, so fucking pure
Her long blonde hair, plastered against her breasts
Her mouth, open and willing
Will this ever end?!?!
The bitch hopes not
These pawns of fallen humanity
Lie slumbering, the eyes wide open
As the beast purges her ripe pussy
So tender, so fresh, so fucking pure
Welcome to the celebration
Dr. Pepper Died and I Killed Him
Crazy nights, disappear, ever are my eyes unclear
Red fog now hangs in mourning air, waiting for you, my dear
Your voice, your whisper, flies through my mind, so kind
Sanctimonious drunks are here, can you undo the binds?
Anvil of my aching heart, I was there, I was not
Never again, my heart's dearest love, never again, my albatross
Internal, ever so new, rhetorical, ever so untrue
A lie is never true, when you speak it aloud, do
Gunshots fire, blood runs red
Singing misery of my head
I run from sight
I see my fright
And you alone can save me
I am so dead from my greed
Was so broken, this be true
When I say that I love you
Do I run away, tear my heart to frays
Or laugh at your games, do it again?
Lady Ice
She flies over hills and valleys
Travels at the speed of night
Ever quickly from the chariot
She drinks of muddy rivers
As she flies above the ground
I exist only to feed her
With your eyes you hear the sound
Breaking of the hourglass
Never seeing the sand pour
Stealing back that which was taken
A circle in her eyes
As she travels in the dark
Keeping both our worlds apart
Lady Ice
Dreams and nightmares are the stuff on which she feasts
You never have to ask her what it means
She gives, she takes, she makes, she breaks
And nothing means a thing
As she floats through endless darkness
As we fly into the ground
You can see your own reflection
Don't listen to its sounds
For words can have two meanings
When the answer you seek is here
Follow her to remember
And find the way back home
And soon enter a garden made of stone
Lady Ice
Dragons Never See It...
Opening his eyes, a new world dawning
Bearing threefold pictures, that he's never seen before
Everything's so bright and shiny
Diamonds cannot compare
Starting a new adventure
Everything's so bright
By noon his eyes have adjusted
He stumbled hard, but fate broke his fall
Cruel mother destiny took his life
A soiled empty shell, he is
And his wounds do not congeal
Everything's so bright ahead
Midnight falls, the old man sits alone
Everything he wanted, he never has
He sits to watch his dirt old television
And he thinks of his brand new grandson
Who opened his eyes today
(Untitled 1)
Lovely is the word that describes you
Beautiful your form
You are my truth, say it be so
Deadly is the one who separates us
Ugly are the lies they tell
You are my hero, my muse
Rules break
Worlds die
You drink of my blood, I swim in your seas
In you is the light of the world
In the love of your light
We die together
Over and over
We live in the sun
And the moon
And so I write these words
And my heart lies aching still
For you alone, my dear, will open the door
You knew when you sought me
I know not, I remember now only late
(Untitled 2)
In the trees, I can hear the birds
As they sing choruses without words
And I know that my love is so near me
So I walk through the woods, glens, and trees
She walks through my valleys and hills
Wherever I walk, she's with me still
I can smell her scent, oh sweet tenderness
and it makes you be free for your kindness
The word is out. the trees will shout as flowers bloom
so dear her face, as I take her embrace so soon
The time will come, shadows as black as the sun
And my love will brighten the skies, time will be undone
Flesh and flesh, soul and soul, she is my life
My love exists, and this be true, in day and night
We walk through space and time, nothing is there
As I run my fingers over her flesh and through hair
This be my joy, my everlasting love
So tender, in my heart as a fleeting dove
She walks in beauty, she is that to my soul
And life everlasting, I am so I am told
Be my only one, my brightened moon
Be the spirit that my soul will swoon
Be the temple of my mind, my every thought
Or life will be no more in me, my being is naught
D.P. Police and the Clown
I am your jester, my love, your bitch
And if you scratched it, I caused the itch
I was the one to make your D.P. go flat
I lost your keys and hid them under the mat
Now, don't hate me because Iím beautiful, Iím not
And don't go asking questions of answers I have caught
I was there when the blood dried up
Because I drank it from your plastic cup
I brought the throes of war by speaking of peace
I mean, how many doughnuts can be eaten by the beast?
But alas, I make you laugh when I can
And when I cannot, I begin it all again
Cemetery Children
Children, can you hear her song tonight
As it permeates the air?
Cemetery calls us, through sound of sight
Sitting alone in her golden chair
Her willow's green boughs do beckon us near
As we sit and ponder her calls
Cemetery calls us through sights we hear
Driving us to madness as we pound the inner walls
Brick will burn before her song ends
Lending voices to her strange choir
Cemetery calls us, our will she bends
and the sound of silence is louder
Choruses spin around and around
Melting the walls we hide inside
A sight of sound of things profound
as I fall freely into the tide
Death is a new and open awakening
And entering her choir
A full moon in the east is dawning
As we bow before our new sire
Song of the Uebermensch
If it is no concern and if you
Want not to listen as I ask you to
Do not walk away sad, for glad Iíll make
You as a tale unwinds and sadness take
For a comedy, Iíll sing for you all
As you hear and see my every fall
A mule I am by all standards "hee haw"
I bray in the dark night from dusk until dawn
He manipulates all those around him
Do always never mind his darker sins
Of wearing clothes too often as he does
Perhaps he does not love or nothing loves
Or did he find love only to be shunned?
And will he find Death ready to be gunned?
And so he retakes his home, his castle
To e'er live in flesh and bone, mine vassal
(Untitled 3)
How I would love to die in your arms tonight
To kill the darkness and end the fright
To live in the light of a black sun
Where naught is there but us when the day is done
If ever love was wasted, let it not be on us
That we may revel in arms, dawn until dusk
For I love you and no other
Even the moon shies away under cover
You are my muse, my love, my life
More important to me in day and night
You are my every thought
I live for you and else naught
I drink of you, he elixir of love
Your eyes, your breath, my tender dove
My blood is yours, my heart, my soul
My mind unbent, to you I am sold
You are all I need, my rainbow in the dark
Found only now, when stopping would start
Gold has lost its luster, there is only you
If today I have to die, Iíd give the dagger to you
Evermore Means Nothingness, I Am...
Look, the nature of my soul
Soulless body dying old
People walking in the street
For whom we see and whom we meet
I stand here I open arms
Dying, crying in the palms
See me bleeding from my wounds
See my chiseled heart unmoved
Watch the sawdust turn to sand
See the sand pour through hourglasses
Break the hourglass to have found
My broken soul left unbound
Water clocks tick and tock with blood
I am here, when I am done
Look, the nature of my soul
To sleep and wake, to sleep and wake
When my whole life is gone
But I never possessed it
Mi amour, was you who broke the golden seals
Was you who brought my eyes to tears
Was you who removed the mask
And let out the clown without a face
Lost and W/O a Towel (Tommy's Song)
I had a dream inside a dream
That things were not what they seem
Took the truth to be a lie
Pulled the needle from my eye
I was lost
Awoke to find myself alive
Stupid questions asking why
The farther I got from the meaning
The sooner I knew I was dreaming
I was lost
Found the nightmare in the night
Searing blackness in my sight
I slept to find myself dead
Crashing thunder in my head
I am lost
March of Death Hounds
Is your war as glorious as it seems?
Do your battles make up the stuff of dreams?
Will your roots rot beneath your dirty feet?
Will you wreck all around you in defeat?
Can your love lift up the mountains of greed?
Can the faith in your god, defeat the need?
Do you understand the strange ways of man?
Can your ways, your crumbling walls, withstand?
I come not for the destruction of Earth
I come bearing the seeds of your rebirth
My sword shall stand for the Justice of life
Be you christian, pagan, husband, or wife
Look, your sun is fading, the shadow comes
Do you dance alone or to Shaitan's drums?
I come for the destruction of your Earth
My sword shall stand for Justice lost in birth
Be you satanist, christian, man, or wyrm
And so I once again reclaim my throne
My castle made of fresh skin and new bone
The time is here and...
...I return
Gettin' High On You, Babe
Is she real or illusion
Is she drug-induced hallucination?
I touch but my hand goes right through
I see, but am blinded by diaphanous beauty
What is this cruel devise
Sent to torment mine mind and soul?
Dichroic, being both white and black
Like a quasar, she is, and when turning gone
Left alone to contemplate this ill happening
Where did she go, my psychedelic love
My pseudomorphic Aphrodite
My psycho chromatic lady of love?
Flash Extrication
Holy Jesus in a bottle
Buy it for a buck and a half
Add a little water
And voila
Instant salvation
Who We Are
The picture real, the song unsung
I was not there, when the God-man hung
I never saw the man who broke the crystal chime
I never lived to tell the lie
My story is that of war and blood
For bullets do shoot, but never the duds
Sacred from the physical sheet
Stomping from over one hundred feet
Lizard king, I be, servant of mankind
Take my story, read, unwind
Look through distorted mirrors of soul
And find the ring, chalice, and sword
Tears of stone, stony tears
Marking the passage of my years
I live, I die, I live to die
And burn the wisdom that's inside
Kill the book, read the blood
Enter death-god, exit life-devil, good
Sample the flower, the drug to help your mind
The women are our nemesis in time
Square the circle
Burn time
La Canta de Ashes
And suddenly you were there
Holding me in your arms so tight
Then, like a snake, I came out
Letting my new skin bask in your light
Reborn, remade anew
Rediscovered from your eye's womb
And suddenly, I kissed your lips
Drinking of you, like a fine wine
Was there a mutual birthing that day?
Were you, as I, reborn?
Touching, kissing, anew
Reborn within our eyes
Fire Goddess
I'll tell you a story, if you listen well
Of a goddess of fire ruling a fiery plane
And of towers of stone that shook and fell
As she stood holding only her scepter of flame
'Twas not very long ago that before her I knelt
That empress of beauty, keeper of heat
Kneeling so very near, not containing what I felt
I would have exclaimed, if feared I not to be beat
Suddenly, my sword, she had roused
And held in hands as if straining to hear
When she was done, we appeared in a town
Upon a dais, I was, and surrounded by fear
Said she to me, "Fear not, my knight."
And I to her, "My goddess, wish you I serve?"
Looked she at the people, "Serve? is that you might?"
My pulse raced, my blood burned for her
There she made me hers, humble servant of her whim
"Today and thy life through, mine knight, thou art
Betray me not, my paladin, or burn for the sin."
Teared eyes looked to her, "Never, shall I, nor depart"
And so I was made, tempered by her flame
Serve her, I do, and will until I die
The road I travel has never been the same
Still I wake every morn with a smile upon my face
(Untitled 4)
Standing alone on the streets of glass
Where only volatile monkeys dare tread
We were riding in our plastic cars
When who should we happen to see
But that leader of the apes?
Jesus fucking Christ on a bicycle
Watch as he raises his hands
Listen to his bloody mouthed babblings
The apes come, scavenging for any left over bits of wisdom
He takes his stick and warns them away
They take flight, if only for the moment
It's certain they will return when they no longer fear
Living for their dead god
They tremble before his weakness
Smoking their clove cigarettes
They fill the air with clamour
As their god rides into the sunset
Shut Up
Today I shot a man
Right in the back of the head
Bullet flew straight
Shattered teeth lay on the floor
And stuck in the wall
So sanguine
God's Love
Time immortal
God's light shines on me
And kicks me in the stomach
And hits me in the face
My nose bleeds
As he pounds me
I'll knock that fucker's head off
You'll see
Knock his fucking ass into infinity
God's love pouring on me
Like an anvil
God's pain flowing through me
Not his pain, mine
He'll pay for what's been done to me
That fucker in the sky
I'll rip him from his mountaintop
And tear his eyes out
Leave the fucker in the street
A Banquet as Concerns a Second-Story Man
Here come the sheep, one and all
Shear their little heads
Prepare the knives to chop them off
I light a cigarette as I smell them cook
The wolves fight to be here
At my feast of sinners
What a grand party
We smoke and drink
We kill and we covet
We break idols and steal
Wild orgies take place in burning streets
At my feast of sinners
I drink and smoke
And sometimes I never leave for days
What a grand celebration
Gluttonous, retarded sexuality
At my feast of sinners
A love that is not love
I live the lie
Lay in the garden of Eden
Picking fruits for my soul
And here and there
A song opens the sky
And night becomes day
How I hate the sun
Its mocking promise
That today will be the day
The stars of my youth are gone
The teachings of wise men, abducted
By those children of Mars
Father, come before me
That I may die
Mother, the time is here
Brother, hope it never comes
Break the wall and cry
Dampening the earthen sky
With beauty that is lost to me
This is the word you taught
Darling child of the night
Moon's daughter
Dancing alone in candlelight
The New Conjugation of the Wise
Conjugation, wisdom of my time
When did you destroy my soul?
It's still here in my white box
Where those who came have left it
They stole my gold and my silver
My time belongs to me
Stab the angel, watch him bleed
And drink the blood that pours
Take that soul, invest the power
Enter the land of the holies
I saw those who would conquer
Seek the wanderer
Conjugation, time of the wise
Burning questions in this element
Spiral of blackness
Time of death
This is my home, my prison
You hold the key to my escape
Sometimes, I cry
Sometimes, I get on my knees
And ask why
The harvesters of starlight
Will take we away
Far away from this madness
So far from this decay
The reaper of my days
Erases the pain
And I don't need it to survive
Who needs love?
This waste of time
Taker of my nights
Destroyer of my soul
Who wants to be lonely?
To live without another's embrace
But I lost the kindling to my flame
I lost the fire, frozen into nothing
Am I demon?
Are you man?
I Am
There I was, standing alone among the masses
But that was not the thought in my mind
My fear of all that flesh
All that time with another
It made no sense
Sacred immaculate
Unholy death
I was
I will
I am
So, I locked that door, no key to open it
Locked it from the inside and out
I diminished
In all that time alone
Impure thoughts
Crazy nights
I was
I will
I am
The Dream
All they ever wanted lay before them
All they ever wished came true
A single night alone together
A single moon cascading across the dark sky
They ran for what seemed forever
Never moving at all
They sang and danced all night
But only the sun answered their call
Striving for darkness
They were so in love
But in that light of the sun
It became as a dream
But what a dream
A dream for all nights
To cover the day's pain
A moment of solitude
To break the chains
Run, fly so far away
If this is life
Let us forever sleep
Broken One
I think, sometimes that I can find
The moment the walls came down
I think that Perhaps it's all my fault
And sometimes, it's all because of you
That I lie here unalive/non-dead
But in that phantasmal half existence
But you know, it takes two to tango
And for every action there must be a reaction
If darkness were to fade away
What would be the light?
Never for an hour, only for now
Perhaps when I am older
I'll be the only one
Perhaps one day my star shall shine
And darkness shall retreat
But, I fear alone I'll be
For there is no crystal ship for me
I'd like to be like you
So relevant, so true
So just like I am not
You're my antithesis
The essence of un-me
So let your beauty shine
As I fly into your glow
The flame may slay the moth
But love consumes us all
Everything is Nothing is Everything
I know I told you about the lady I love
I realize that love is a drug
Just another thing to warp your mind
But nothing is real
So now I wander the earth alone
Walking the world with not a hand to hold
Just another mortal like you
And nothing is true
I know you've heard this all before
I realize it's nothing new
Just another fool without a soul
And nothing is free
Will there ever be another chance?
Another shot at blissful romance?
Just another soul to caress?
And nothing is everything
(Untitled 5)
Open the doors, leave the world outside
The city burns with its expressive nothings
I love to see the sights of her blue eyes
But I cannot see her here
I lost the touch of the flame
Watching, waiting for her soft touch
Yearning for tomorrow
As I gaze into the sky
I ran with the hunt then
Now I lay alone
Stampeded by the circus of fools
My soul stamped by their boot heels
Open the doors, damn it, open the doors!
You think I've lost my mind
Or is it that I can see better than you?
Little Wing
You were always late
Always showing up to turn my world upside-down
Fashionably late
But didn't we have a grand time?
Together alone then
I miss you
Gone is your voice as I listen to the dark
Gone is your form that my eyes cannot see
I miss the way we used to talk
for hours about nothing and everything
The song in your heart is fading, my love
Our chambers fill with chill
even though I love you still
I wish I could die
Black Sun
It was all my fault
I knew I should have never died
But that was it, it's done
We can't go back now
We'll never see the sun again
We'll only feel the rain
The only light we'll see
Shall be by candle or bulb
Fuck it, fuck it all
I'll kill them all, I swear
Why the hell should I care?
I am already dead...
...So are you
Gathering Magic
Welcome, my friends, the ceremony is about to begin
See the self-made now the unmade
Hear the revels in all things bright and new
Touch the colors as they stream beside us
Taste the air, the sky, the trees
Feel the song as it travels to lands far-gone
I walked among these things for seven years
And yet have found no home
Who was the master that summoned me?
Across the plains, through the mountains
Over the islands, and among the swamps
Into the forests that lie there
Dragons never knew it but clerics were wary
Of the demonic tutor of the mercenaries
Angelic warriors of our time saw life in the chaos
And the wizard wept as his spells died
These of those and those of these
Were tapped most excitedly, came God himself
(Untitled 6)
All hail the new king
Same as the old king
The king is dead
Long live the king
May God have mercy on our souls
For fools, for you
Diplomatic assholes abound
Functionless lizards prancing
He who sees himself with power
Stands before us eternally weak
See them dance about the promenade
For me, for sages
Sacred monkeys out for parties
Immaculate pigeons flinging shit
Glorious walruses are out there
Picking their noses with flat fins
For us, for God
Hail Mary full of grace
How does the garden grow?
Sticks and stones will break your bones
But words can destroy your soul
Dungeon Born
Spinning alone in the darkness
Never saw the form of reality
Grinning the grin of a fool
Nauseated from the sickness
Ripping the wound of formality
Alone in a of dreams
Waving the hands at the sky, so starless
Sitting in the cells eating gruel
They tell me that love is for the sake of goodness
It seems that it's all a fallacy
For that should I be a cursed mule?
(Untitled 7) *
Lovely lady, beautiful soul
My darling love, she calls me
And in the darkness of my room
I listen
She loves me as I love her
I seek her every night
I've wandered far to find her
Is she the one, my flashing chance at bliss?
Could she understand my plea?
I see that I have fallen deep
And I am not worried
Does she feel the same for me?
My heart belongs to her alone
My soul sings excitedly
She's the one I want to want
The one I love to love
(Untitled 8)
Feeling lonely, so dead inside
With my baby, so far away
I guess you know the reason why
In the morning, flee the day
In the evening, no longer hide
And my baby calls me, I donít know what to say
I ran so far from here
To the island shore above
Iíll have another beer
And loudly proclaim my love
And she was beside me, no, sheís not here
Flying so peacefully, sweet dove
So I ran across the room
Jumped behind the wall of stone
Looks like Iíll see her soon
And I wonít be so alone
Look, soft light from the moon
Just where the hell is that damned phone?
The above poetry is written by Michael A. Torres
Supporter of the Adopt a Dragon Foundation

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