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This section is dedicated to the most electrifying man in sports entertainment: The Rock! You gotta admit, that gold belt sure does look damn good against that bronze skin. The second best looking champion the WWF has ever has (Shawn's still #1 in my heart). Unfortunately, Rock turned down Playgirl, even though they were offering his A LOT OF MONEY. The Rock is, however, a married man. Maybe the whole idea of every woman in the free world checking out her man in a skin magazine made Mrs. Rock a little peturbed.

Check at the Great One's Site. Oh, know your role and don't touch anything you're not suppose too. Unless, of course, you WANT to end up in the trailer park!

You can know own a piece of the Rock, well...sort of., the virtual hollywood stock exchange, lets you buy and sell shares of upcoming movies and movie stars. Yes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is available for sale at HSX! You can also but shares in the Mummy II and the Mummy III (not even in production yet!). Both are doing very well on the exchange.

Rumor has it Rock has already signed to play "The Beast" in the X-Men sequel. I'm not an X-Men kinda girl...but that's one mutant I want to see!

Click the image to go to THE ROCK.COM

All I can say about this picture is...DAMN!

The most electrifying announcer in the WWF today!

The Great One Does a Little Fishing Off Roody Poo Bridge.

The Rock telling some piece of trailer park trash to know his damn role!

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