"Is it true, the devils end up like you?
Something safe for the picture frame?"
--She's Your Cocaine

Welcome to "Something Safe" the first Tori webringthat I have created!

I created the Tori Amos Webring Index which has since been taken down.
So I have seen every Tori webring that exists, and each new one that comes into existance.
usually 1-3 new rings are created PER DAY!

In my opinion, the problem with Tori webrings is not
that there are so many to chose from!
The problem is, each ring is too generalized.

Why should there be 110 tori rings for plain old tori sites?
There's no reason for that. Tori rings should be more
specialized, a ring for lyric sites, a ring for song
interpretation sites, etc...

That is why I have created "Something Safe"
Like the name suggests, Something Safe For The Picture Frame
is a webring for Tori Sites that have a lot of Tori visuals.

I'm sorry to tell you that not every site will become part of the ring.
I have some standards, and you can read them on the requirements page. since
it seems like not many people who submit read that, i've made it so you
have to go to that page before you submit your site!

this is a ring for TORI ARTWORK. if you just have pictures they have to be
rare pictures (ie. pictures you have taken, concert photos, m&g photos) or you have
to have quite a few photos. definately more than 100.
they must be thumbnailed and there can't be so many on the page that they don't all load.

that said, i hate to turn any site away, and if you have tori art, you're in!

onward to the requirements

something safe is proud to support other webrings who are boldly and bravely
leading the way toward tori webrings for specific subjects!

here is another tori webring for creativity & art:

This You Have Yourself To Fear site is owned by lamia.

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