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Marching Band "The Sonic Boom of the South"

Fall 1994
"Working Day and Night"by Michael Jackson, arr by Paul I. Adams (written in 1994)

Fall 1998
"The Simpsons"arr by Moreh Smith '97 (written in 1997)

Fall 1998
"No Name Fanfare," by Chris Burns '93 (written in 1994)

Fall 2000
"Black and Blues," by Al Jerrau arr. by Dowell Taylor (written in 1986)

Fall 2001
"Cold Hearted Snake," by Paula Abdul arr. by Dowell Taylor (written in 1989)

Symphonic Band

Spring 1996
"King Cotton"by John P. Sousa

"Trittico"by V. Nelybel

Jazz Band I

Spring 1997
"Here's That Rainy Day"arr. by Dee Barton 

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