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My Newton Line

Mom and Ma Photo

This is my mother and my mother's mother.
My grandmother is the daughter of James Wilson Newton.

Anderson Newton was born about 1821 in Mississippi. He married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). Anderson Newton and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1. Andrew Jackson Newton born 1845 MS; married first Martha Howell; married second Frances A. Wilson (see below for additional information)
  2. George W. Newton born 1847 Yalobusha Co., MS; married first Catherine Roundsaville; married second Julia Watson
  3. Frances Newton born 1850 MS; married first Burgis Petinger in 1868, Tallahatchie Co., MS; married second Albert Alexander Denham in 1871, Tallahatchie Co., MS
  4. Martin V. B. Newton born 1851 MS; married first Maggie (?); married second L. P. Wilson
  5. Bailey S. Newton born 1853 MS; married M. J. Pattison
  6. Lorenzo Dow Newton born 1854 MS; married first Rebecca Henson; married second Alice Reed

Andrew Jackson Newton, son of Anderson Newton above, was born July 7, 1845, in Yalobusha County, Mississippi. In about 1867 he married Martha Howell, daughter of Russell Jones Howell and Elizabeth Johnson. Martha was born about 1843 in Yalobusha Co., MS, and died April 13, 1879 in Calhoun Co., MS. Martha Howell had previously been married to a Jennings, first name unknown, and had a son, Lafayette M. D. Jennings born 1860 in Calhoun County, Mississippi. Lafayette married Susan Lord. Andrew Jackson Newton died October 1, 1934, in Cascilla, Tallahatchie Co., MS. Andrew Jackson Newton and Martha Howell had the following children:

  1. R. J. Howell Newton born 1868, Calhoun Co, MS; married Cornelia Jane Smith; died 1965
  2. James Wilson Newton born 1874 in Calhoun Co, MS; married Mary Alice Little; died 1955 in Itta Bena, MS (photo below)
  3. Eugene Newton born 1876 Calhoun Co, MS; died 1899
  4. Martha Annie Newton born 1879 Calhoun Co, MS; married Andrew Radell Staten; died 1971

Andrew Jackson Newton and his second wife, Frances A. Wilson, had the following children:
  1. Grundy Berry Newton born 1885, Tallahatchie Co., MS
  2. Wiley Newton born 1887 in Tallahatchie Co., MS; married first Maggie Dubois; married second Bessie Broadnax
  3. Leedie Newton born 1892 Tallahatchie Co., MS; married Albert Van Buren Allison
  4. Adell Newton born 1895 Tallahatchie Co.; married James Allison
  5. Hettie Newton born 1900; married Veto Brewer
  6. Eunice Newton born 1903; married Henry Allison
  7. Jessie Ryan Newton born 1906; married Otis Tribble; died 1929

James Wilson Newton

James Wilson Newton was born 15 October 1874 in Calhoun County, Mississippi. He married Mary Alice Little 16 February 1893 in Tallahatchie County, MS. Mary Alice Little was born 17 Feb 1876 and died 17 Aug 1954. James Wilson Newton died 24 Feb 1955 in Itta Bena, MS. James Wilson Newton and Mary Alice Little had the following children, all born in Tallahatchie County, MS:

  1. Andrew Jackson Newton born 6 April 1894; married Rose Louise White; died 4 Feb 1980
  2. Hampton Holcomb Newton born 4 July 1896; married Julia Wright; died 8 Oct 1937
  3. William Jennings Bryan Newton born 15 Oct 1898; married Annie Bell Scallions; died 16 Aug 1980
  4. Jessie Norman Newton born 20 Sep 1900; married Maud Exer Browning; died 22 June 1979 in Canyon, TX
  5. Martha Jane Newton born 3 Dec 1903; married (1) Ancy Price James, Jr.; married (2) Lee Orie Henson; died 3 Dec 1989 in Greenwood, MS
  6. Thomas Ward Newton born 25 Oct 1904; married Minnie May Browning; died 2000
  7. James Lafayette Newton born 10 Oct 1906; married Mary Staten; died 2 Dec 1987
  8. Addie Lou Newton born 21 Sep 1908; died Oct 1908
  9. Nora May Newton born 4 Sep 1909; married Robert Lee Sullivan; died 1998
  10. Alice Eugenia Newton born 21 Dec 1911; married Earl T. Stevens; died 4 May 1942
  11. Willard A.C. Newton born 18 May 1914; married Dovie Ella Read; died 1998
  12. Lewis Wilson Newton born 11 Feb 1917; married Zelda Marie Pitman; died 8 Oct 1983
  13. Hayden Reed Newton born 1919; died 2000
  14. Charles Freeland "C.F." Newton born 1922

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