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George Washington Bennett Family

George Washington BENNETT, son of William Calloway BENNETT and Elizabeth Lucinda ELLIOTT, was born 3 Jan 1844, in Mississippi. He died in Biloxi, MS, at the Beauvoir Home for Civil War veterans, no death date available, and is buried at New Hope Cemetery in Montgomery County, Mississippi.

George married Hulda C. CAMPBELL, daughter of William CAMPBELL and Rachel BECKWIDTH. Hulda was born 16 Mar 1846 and died 20 Sept 1896. Their children are as follows:

  1. Hardy Washington BENNETT born 8 Feb 1873; m Maggie Lee BENNETT; died 12 Jan 1901
  2. George William BENNETT born 18 Dec 1876, Montgomery Co, MS; married Lucinda Lillian Malone BENNETT; died 7 Jan 1962; buried in Montgomery Co, MS
  3. Julia BENNETT born 5 Feb 1878 MS; m George W. ADAMS; need help locating this family
  4. Elmer Curtis BENNETT born abt 1878; m Mary Elizabeth BENNETT; died 21 Aug 1922
  5. Belle BENNETT born 19 Jan 1879; m Allen Robert BENNETT; died 15 June 1967; buried in Montgomery Co, MS
  6. Annie BENNETT born 22 May 1882 MS; m Andrew Wilson COLLINS; died 17 Mar 1942; buried at New Hope Cem, Montgomery Co, MS
  7. Suannie BENNETT born 22 May 1882 MS; m Jim ROWLAND
  8. Clara BENETT born 22 Mar 1883 MS; m Jim CROW
  9. Mary E. BENNETT born 22 Sept 1884; m Thomas J. COLLINS; died 19 Oct 1968; buried in Montgomery Co, MS
  10. Carroll Marshall BENNETT born 7 Jul 1886 Winona, MS; m May HANSON; died 8 July 1967

After the death of Hulda Campbell, George Washington BENNETT married Latha Elizabeth ROWLAND, daughter of John S. ROWLAND and Alice Elizabeth BOOKER. Latha was born 10 July 1887 in MS and died 24 Jan 1973 in CA. George and Latha had four children.

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