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My Thoughts...My Voice...My Life --The Poetry of Ms. Nicole Warren

Hello and Welcome to all of you coming across this wonderful page. My name is Ms. Nicole Warren, but mostly everyone calls me Mz Niqi. Currently I am 22 years old (August 3 is my birthday--LEO BABY!). I am a Junior in college majoring in Photography and plan to become a Fashion Photographer (or something commercial), so look for me in the future because I am coming up. I enjoy doing anything that is fun and exciting as long as it is legal--it's the LEO in me. If you would like to know more about me, and see other poetry links, then check out my other pages (the links are listed below). Basically the purpose of this page is for me to start getting MY work out there. I have been writing for only a few years and have a books filled with my work, but have been THINKING my entire life. When I was young I did not know that what was going through my head and my life would benefit and effect me, until now. Not all of my pieces are considered poetry because some are mental thoughts (a way for my brain to release some tension). At this moment in time my mind is in the state of BLUE poetry (emotional and very deep). It's what I know--it's how my mind releases tension, emotion, stress, anger, and good deep emotions. I have a few inspirational pieces and I have some pieces that I have dedicated to the "special" people in my life--my mother (R.I.P. September 18, 1949 to June 20, 1993), my father, and to numerous other people, and also I have some erotic pieces. I hope you enjoy what my words and emotions say to you because it is all coming straight from the HEART. I do not force my writing...I allow my BRAIN to take over at that moment and what comes out STAYS out...The paper is my soul and my pen is the key that unlocks it. Well, enough from me let's get this "set" started. Hope you enjoy. If you like what you see (or if you don't) feel free to email the QUEEN at Oh yeah, most of my pieces contain this symbol [], which represents a line just read over the brackets...Hope you enjoy!!!

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The Poetry...

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Angel Fire

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