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Australian Hostels

After many travels in Australia, I came to the realisation that there is currently no book on the market that lists all hostels within Australia. My aim is to write such a book: not a travel guide to Australia, but listings of all hostels for both backpackers and travellers alike, along with general information on places and sights to see.

I have given myself a time frame of two years to write such a book, and in order to do such a complete investigation, I am asking for the help of my fellow travellers.

I have listed all of the hostels that I currently know of in each state. To view these, please click on the appropriate state on the map below. If you know of an additional hostel, then please fill in the form below, listing the hostel's details. Further, if you have any comments about any of the hostels already listed or you are submitting, I would also appreciate those.

Currently, the links are under construction - all currently work but are in different stages of repair, so please remember to link back often or e-mail me the hostels you know! If you have any comments, please e-mail me directly at
Thank you all very much! image003 Image Map Page

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If you have any comments regarding a hostel listed here, or you know of a hostel that is not already listed, please complete the form below.


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