How/Why Did I create this Temple?

Well, there are actually two versions of this story, ThunderHawke's and mine. I'll tell you mine first...

I'd been thinking about starting a homepage, but had no clue about programming, it seemed so overwhelming!

One night after talking to Thunder, I was driving home and heard the name "Angelfire" repeated again and again in my mind. I couldn't get it out of my mind, as a matter of fact. Well, I decided maybe the Angels were trying to tell me something, and so came home and looked it up on the internet, and found

24 hours later, I was on my way to Earth-Star!

Thunder says that he actually mentioned Angelfire to me before, and said that they offered homepages and that I should check them out. He thinks I heard the name from him, and my sub-conscious registered it, only to remember later on.

Either way, here I am! The HTML was much easier than I thought, I did all the programming myself, and learned from a book called "Official HTML Publishing for Netscape".

So, what are my hope and prayers for this site?

It is my prayer that this site will help guide you within, to a place where you question what you have been told, and start to form your own individual truth, the Truth of your Heart.

Earth-Star is not a "religious" site, I follow the path of Spirit, not Dogma, but do try to convey some of the Mystery Teachings of the Ancient Spiritual Orders and Aboriginal Peoples of Earth, the Sacred Elders who held "Keys" into the secrets of the Universe, and the Awareness of Who we Are, and Why we are here... It is now time to start remembering those "Keys", as many of the Native Elders of Earth are coming forward to share that their ancient Prophecies are at the time of fufillment. This does not mean we are approaching the "end of the world", but that it is time to accept RESPONSIBILITY for our future's, and to CHOOSE what our future will hold as a planet.

Elders of all traditions agree that it is crucial to our future as a planet that we remember how to embody LOVE, forgiving the differences in humanity, and celebrating our Oneness... We are connected even beyond this reality and planet, to realms of creation beyond our wildest dreams, and everything we think, or do or say in our lives radiates out into this delicate web of life, effecting far more than just our own existance... It is our choice as to how we effect our future, and the future of everything; Are we going to radiate fear, hatred, anger, war, pain and seperation, or are we going to readiate and create LOVE, Unity, Peace, Brotherhood, Forgivenes and Oneness?... It is up to us.

Remember, as you start to find your own inner Truth, your voice of awareness, connected to the mass consciousness of humanity, adds to the light and power of everyone else who as likewise remembererd who they are, and decided to choose differently. We CAN create a greater reality. We CAN heal our planet. We ARE already doing so, with every heartbeat that radiates love...

Eri-EL Morningstar