Online Readings!

I connect with your Higher Self and Angels, combining channeled messges and intuition with the guidance of Tarot.

I would love to do a personal reading for you! Part of my life's work involves helping connect individuals with their Higher Purpose, and my goal in each reading is to help you in finding the highest, clearest, most truthful answers available to your questions. My readings are especially helpful to anyone seeking the deeper truth, and not just "easy answers".

I have done sessions, readings and workshops with hundreds of individuals all over North America, and have personal testimonials from many clients on the transformations these sessions have provided. I believe we all have access to Universal Wisdom and Truth, and I strive to not only be a "voice" to help you hear the messages you are seeking, but offer guidance on how to "fine tune" your own psychic voice and intuition in each reading.

How Readings Work

I offer you two full hours of time and a combination of Channeling, Empathic Tuning, Angelic Connection and use the Tarot a tool to assist in your understanding of the messages brought through. As soon as I receive your request, I schedule the time for your reading, which consists of 2 to 4 pages of information.

This is a great way to have monthly readings done, to find some guidance to specific questions currently in your life, and yearly readings make great Birthday and Holiday gifts!

All Reading Orders are now taken through my main sister site: