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How does the Magnetic Field effect us?

(From "Awakening to Zero Point" by Gregg Braden): I advise buying and reading this book, the below statements are only short excerpts from his marvelous work...

"From the perspective Earth Science, the changing paradigm is accomplished through a realignment of two digitally measurable, fundamental paramaters: those of frequency and planetary magnetics.

These parameters alone have a far reaching and profound impact uopn human consciousness, human thought and perception specifically, and the behavior of matter in general.

Both of these parameters are changing very rapidly ar present, having fluctuated dramatically in both the historical, as well as, the geological past. Each has a dramatic yet subtle effect uopn the cellular body, human consciousness, and the manner in which that consciousness expresses itself..."

"The relationship between Earth, the planetary magnetic fields, and cellular function of the body is a key component to the understanding of the conscious evolution and the process of the shift..."

"Measurements over the last 130 years indicate a decline in magnetics from 8.5 x 10 to the 25th gauss units, to 8.0 x 10 to the 25th gauss units, or an average of about 5% per year 100 years. AS magnetics are a function of planetary rotation, a lessening in the intensity of the magnetics would seem to indicate a lessening in the rate of Earth's rotation. This is in fact, precisely what is happening, within the inner and outer cores of Earth, as well as the overall rotation of the planet..."

"Twice in 1992 and at least once in 1993 the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado reset the Cesium-atomic clocks to reflect "lost time" inthe day-- days becoming longer than the clocks can account for. 'If we didn't do this, we'd eventually get out of synch with sunlight', according to Dennis McCarthy, an astronmer at the U.S. Navel Observatory.

"The effects of global magnetics are not confined to individuals on a personal level. Variable planetary magnetics provide zones of experience where mass units of consciousness are drawn to feel or work out some form of common experience. When an individual or group consciousness feels that an area no longer feels appropriate or resonates with them, they are describing the relationship of their body's sensors to those zones of magnetic density. The understanding of mass migrations of large populations, (human and animal) from one area to another for no apparent reason, as well as the unexplained settlinf of ancient cultures in what may appear to be very unlikely locations for commerce or spiritual pursuits (Chaco Canyon, for expample). (See "Awakening to Zero Point" by Gregg Bradon for more info and magnetic charts of common areas of magnetics and social change)

Magnetic Tension: The Glue of Consciousness

"The energy referred to as 'consciousness' is electromagnetic in nature, energy/information that is normally bound up within some aspect of the magnetic fields of the planet. Conscious essence may be considered as hierarchical grid upon grid of this energy, forming continuous matrices of subtle frequency and geometry. It is within the matrices that magnetic influences provide a 'tension' or stress field binding the essense of human consciousness as a framework of Divine intelligence.

These fields of information are 'bound' to the EArth sphere through a stabilizing glue of planetry magnetics. Please understand that it is the awareness of humankind, not the life essence itself, that is used to interpret the three dimensional world, the self and ultimately, the Creator. Life essence does not 'need' to understand. It is this awareness that is locked up within the fields of magnetics surrounding the planet. Through the structure provided as fields of magnetics, the 'meshwork' of the conscious matrix is stabilized and secured in place..."

"Energetically, you are electric in nature; each cell within each component of your body generating a charge of approximately 1.17 volts at a specific frequency for that organ. This unique vibration is termed a signature frequency.

Each cell is in constant motion, the rythimic oscillation of a subtle beat, generating its signature frequency. You are more than simply an electrical being, however, you are electrical and MAGNETIC. In addition to the electircal charge generated by each cell of the body, there is also a magnetic feild, offset by 90 degrees, that surrounds each cell... The human body as a whole, exhibits a composite magnetic field, the sum of each individual field from each individual organ, tissue or bone cell. Electromagnetic cells within electromagnetic beings; two distinct though interrelated fifelds that determine, to a large extent, how you perceive yourself, you world, and how you function within these perceptions."

"The electrical protion of your body is you, in your purest form; you as information/energy. This is your seed-core essence - you with no judgement, ego, fear or preconceived ideas regarding yourself, others, or the world around you. This is what would historically be termed as your Soul. This aspect of you is not bound by dimensionality, planet or star...It is the Soul essence that will eventually leave the Earth experience, at some chosen point in time, carrying the vibrational benefit of your Earth lives toward new experience..."

The magnetic fields surrounding each cell of your body may be thought of as a 'buffer' stabilizing the information of the soul within each cell. This buffer creates 'drag' or friction around each cell, effectively interfering with your ability to fully access that body of information. Earth's magnetic fields the, have historically been your safety zone between thought and manifestation

Early in this cycle of consciousness, magnetics were high, providing a distancing between the formulation of a though and the consequences of that thought. The group-body-consciousness was reletively new, learning the consequence and power fo thought...Now as the intensity of the fields decrease, the lag time between a though, and the realization of that thought, is decreasing proportionally. Perhaps you have noticed how quickly you are able to manifest in you world.

Note from Eri: As I understand it, our emotional bodies are held in place by the magnetic fields of Earth. As these fields decrease our emotional bodies become unstable, leading to erratic behaviour and emotional release. At the same time, as vibration increases with no/almost no magnetic field to maintain third dimensional memory, we move into fourth dimensional awareness, where thought instantly manifests. The manifestations can be our greatest FEARS, or our greatest TRUTHS, depending on the state and focus of our emotional bodies. Holding a focus of LOVE in our hearts and minds allows us to move into fourth-dimensional states within the light of Truth, as the merkaba meditation crates our own magnetic field around our body, so that even if/when a magnetic field collapses, shifts or fluctuates, we are still stable, within our own fields, maintaining our emotional bodies, and memories through dimensional variations and shifts...