I Am That I Am...

"I Am That Which Is, I cannot truly be defined, described or named, for I am the Eternal One-ness...and so are you!" *Eri-EL

Eri-EL is an internationally known channel, healer, metaphysical/spiritual guide and speaker. She travels and conducts workshops, groups and speaking engagements sharing the energy of the Elohim, Divine Mother and Angels.

Through the experience of unified heart-energy, Eri-EL guides you into higher frequencies of discovery with the anchoring and earthy grounding necessary for deep healing and transformation.... Eri feels that ascension, enlightenment, and Union is simply a process of remembering who we Truly are, for we each already hold all the wisdom of Creation in our hearts.

Working with the energies of Divine Mother and Earth for healing and transformation is also an important workshop focus. Through accessing the earthy-sensuality of the Goddess, awakening the kundalini fires, and integrating the male energies into a harmonious music, we open the door to Sacred Union, the Divine... The great and mysterious quest of the Grail...

Eri-EL feels she is not truly a "channel", although she still uses that word for easy understanding. Rather than "channeling" an outside energy, the Elohim and Angels are simply tappping into that part of Divine Self still within that realm of awareness.

The "EL" in her name represents her Elohim self of "Eloha" and her angelic self of "Luminara", combined with her birth name of Eri-Ka. She is currently writing a book based on the Elohim Mystery path called,
"The Emerald Keys Of Elohim".

How did a corn-fed, Midwestern farmgirl end up working in service with the Divine Elohim? Find out here:

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