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"Circle of Ascension" Club Chat and Forum

The "Circle of Ascension" is a Members-only Club, Chatroom and Message Forum hosted through Yahoo. I founded the Circle so that we would all have a place to share our thoughts, questions, musings, journeys, meditations and messages upon our awakening journey.

It's a great place to meet other lightworkers, and keep in touch around the world!

I post regular meditations and messages on the Forum, and will try to check in every day if I can to answer your questions. If I'm going to be available for hosting a chat or channeling, the dates and times will be posted on the Circle.

As a member, you will also receive an e-mail about once or twice a month with information as to what's new on the site, in my travels, around Mother Earth, and in the Metaphysical community.

To join the Circle of Ascension, and the Chat Room and Message Forum, just click below, (make sure you bookmark this site first!) and then click on "Join the Club" at the top of the page. Yahoo will walk you through the free registration, it is very fast and easy, I promise! After you are a member, you can link directly to the Circle with a bookmark.

Hope to chat with you there!

Circle of Ascension Club and Chat Forum