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Archangels Michael and Ariel

1. "quoted" comments are from the book Ask Your Angels, by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer, 1992). Recommended reading, available from: Ballantine Books.

2. ^quoted^ comments are from the book Do You Have A Guardian Angel? by John Ronner, 1985. Recommended reading, available from: Mamre Press.

3. [bracketed] comments are from the book You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle, 1994). Recommended reading, available from: Spiritual Education Endeavors (408) 245-5457.

4. *quoted* comments are from various other sources which will be identified with each occurence.

5. italicized comments are comparisons to my notes on the subject from earlier studies, and other observations or questions during this study.

MICHAEL (Archangel): Who is like God?

"Whose name is a question -- 'Who is like God?' -- is surely the best known of the overlighting archangels. Michael is acknowledged by all three Western sacred traditions. He is believed to appeared to Moses as the fire in the burning bush, and to have rescued Daniel and his friends from the lions' den. To Christians, he's the angel who informed Mary of her approaching death. Islamic lore tells us that his wings are the color of 'green emerald and are covered with saffron hairs, each of them containi ng a million faces and mouths and as many tongues which, in a million dialects, implore the pardon of Allah.' The Koran also paints the touching image of the cherubim being formed from the tears of Michael."

"In the Dead Sea Scrolls Michael emerges as the 'Prince of Light' fighting a war against the Sons of Darkness in which he leads the angelic battle against the legion of the fallen angel, Belial. Most recently, in 1950, Pope Pius XII declared Michael to be the patron of all policemen."

^Michael is the protector of the Christian Church, guardian angel of Israel, and commander-in-chief of God's angel armies. He led them during a war in heaven in which Satan and his fallen angels were driven out of the clouds. In Moslem lure, Michael is described as having hairs of saffron, wings of green topaz and a million faces, each face with a million eyes, each eye shedding 70,000 tears. Even though he lives in the seventh heaven.^

Christian art and iconography shows Michael with a sword or with a scale weighing the souls of the dead. His feast day is September 29.

[ Washta:...The most important for all of you is Archangel Michael, who sits with Metatron and many others on the councils that control your planet and its many dimensions. Archangel Michael guides the life energies down through the eight great dimensio ns to Earth, so that planet Earth can have a living biosphere...the Spiritual Hierarchy has appointed archangels Michael and Gabriel as the two official overseers to coordinate with the Sirians under the auspices of the Galactic Federation...Archangel Mic hael and Gabriel are more of an interdimensional angelic form and not attached to the physical energy of a specific solar system and planet, so they cooperate with the Time Lords who control physical reality (matter). ]

[ On the question of Archangel Michael's "lost war in heaven;" Washta:...This relates historically to the original creation. In this physical creation, you see, there was established one basic concept. It was the idea that a great darkness would exist, from which would eventually come a great celestial light. That is why in the creation stories from many sources, including the Christian Bible, there is darkness indicated in the very beginning. -- For the purpose of this creation was to prove that dark ness is not as great as light. Archangel Michael was given the divine task of acting as the chief intermediary between the Time Lords, who were given instructions by the Supreme Creative Force on how to create this present physical creation, and the dark force that was created to be the supreme test for this creation. Archangel Michael therefore set out to aid in putting the eight dimensions together and to make sure that all the various dimensional angelic and archangelic forces were put in the proper pla ces. In order to create this pattern for the divine plan, it was necessary to create a being within that darkness. Hence, the Archangel Michael established the energies that would create a being of darkness, as called for under the divine plan. That is what the so-called "war in heaven" refers to. This being of darkness was created by God's plan so that eventually the dark energy patterns could be transformed back to light after many physical lifetimes lived on planet Earth. This transformation would eventually lead to a great series of immortals living in light. This is what Michael's energy patterns, and all the stories about him, are about. ]

[ On the question of 'identity of the dark force'; Washta:...This energy was created by him as part of the divine plan which he was given permission to do. He will be merging these two energies of light and dark as part of the upcoming ascension process . That is why the Age of Light has been forecast by many Sirians and others in the Galactic Federation who are Time Keepers. We understand the energy patterns that now surrounds this physical creation of bringing dark into light...This [does not have] a name that is recognizable in itself to humans on your planet, since many different names for it have been given, such as Satan, the devil, etc. However, know that this name will be given to humans when the process of the landings [Sirian] occur, for Arc hangel Michael will make a formal announcement of what is occurring; and he will explain what the time patterns are that will allow him to re-emerge and create the great light in your galaxy. ]

ARIEL (Throne): Lion of God!

"Ariel means -- "Lion of God," -- He's ranked as one of the seven princes who rule the waters and is also known as Earth's Great Lord. To the poet John Milton, however, Ariel is a rebel angel who is overcome by the seraph Abdiel on the first day of the great war in Heaven."

"Jewish mystics used Ariel as a poetic name for Jerusalem. In Gnostic lore, that first- and second-century melting pot of revelation, Ariel is the angel who controls the demons. Ariel has also been associated with the order of angels called the thrones and is known to have assisted the archangel Raphael in the curing of disease."

"John Dee, magician, occultist, and court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, reckoned Ariel to be a conglomerate of Aneal and Uriel, which sets him among the overlighting archangels!"

"Ariel makes an appearance in William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', which may well have been the source of why Percy Bysshe Shelley, the nineteenth-century poet, liked to refer to himself as the angel Ariel.

According to Silver Ravenwolf,

Ariel, Angel of the North, the Angel who watches over Thunder and Terror...

Ariel is corresponded with Winter, Green and Brown and the astrological signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. (Personal note from Eri: Ariel is also the Angel of the Thunderbeings, those of the Heyoka calling.)

Ariel means "Earth's great Lord, or "Shining Earth". Ariel is the guardian of visions, dreams and prophecy. He is often depicted carrying a scroll and is known as the ANGEL OF MYSTERY. He assists Raphael in healing the children of the Goddess.

Ariel is another angel who is perceived as a "god" in mythic legend and lore, and so appears to have "risen" and "fallen" several times. (depending on which story you believe). Many writers confuse or combine Ariel and Uriel, probebly because they stand for much the same things and carry similar duties. (Throughout the ages Ariel and Uriel and Anael have been interchangeable.) Uriel gave the interpretations of the Great Mysteries to humans, and is the protector of all psychics who wish to fortell the future for the good of humankind, as well as journalists, writers and teachers.

Ariel/Uriel is in charge of natural phenomena such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes. Ariel/Uriel's archetype is the SUN, however BE AWARE is another "terminator" angel and is more agressive in his handeling of offenders! Not a fluff-and-bubble angel, he enjoys roasting the evil ones! One recent writer on angels says that Uriel's energy applies itself to the Earth plane "as unswerveing in the pursuit of duty as a forty-ton truck traveling 9o miles per hour" with no brakes!

Ariel is also the overseer of all nature spirits, and holds the keys to the Fairy Kingdoms. His totem animal is the Lion.

Invocation to Ariel:

Forest green and sienna brown
The winter rolls out to touch the ground
Where frosty midnight brings mystery
Of visions, dreams and prophecy
Nature spirits dance the spell
To call the Thunderous Uriel.

Volcanoes of information now burst forth
On crystal snowflakes from the north
With Lions roar and Sekhmet force
I call this angel of Secret Source
Shining Earth and Truth to tell
I seek the knowledge of Ariel

Of rocks and stones and forest trees
A Hawk-Eyed being who endless sees
The Truth cut cold of human lies
And brings the gift of Angel-Eyes
Spread thy wings of Hurricane scroll
Enlighten my poor mortal soul.

(Personal note from Eri: Ariel is what I call "heavy medicine", meaning that the energy is powerfully transforming, can completely strip you of all illusions, so if you call upon Ariel, be ready for some BIG transformation! Ariel/Uriel is one of the Angelic aspects I embody, and I will admit I have had my rear-end kicked a few times while being stubbornly human, however I have also been a thousand times blessed through entering the mysteries of life and creation, and the Unconditional Love that I have realized from this wisdom.)