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Kidman is a great wrestler, and still is looking good as ever! Always will be in my opinion! News about Kidman's body: in a wrestling magazine, there was a picture of Kidman showing his *hidden* tattoo. It's a little devil on his stomach near his hip. If you wanna see a pic of it, go here. It's not real clear, but it'll give you an idea. And for those who kept e-mailing me about his other tattoo on his leg, go here to see a pic of it. I'm sure you all wanted to know that.


Monday Nitro (1-24-00): Kidman came out with Tori. He wrestled against Vampiro. At the start of the match Vampiro gained control and kept it for a bit. He got a 2 count on Kidman. Soon after that, Kidman quickly got control. Kidman does some great offensive moves, but Kidman and Vampiro go back and forth with control of the match: Kidman getting a 2 count on Vampiro and vice versa. Kidman comes out with the win by doing a Frankensteiner from the top rope.

I also want to thank everybody that keeps coming back to this page, and thanks to the people who like this site. I appreciate it

I'm sorry I haven't updated this page in a LONG time. I just got a job at Be-Bop Record Store, so it is taking up my majority of my nights (all nights except Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday). If anybody would be kind enough to email me the results to future Monday Nitro's, Thunder's, & and any other WCW wrestling events (especially on Kidman), it would be much appreciated. I'll give credit where credit is deserved. Thanx!


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