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All About Me

A few things about me:

Hi, my name is Don Moore. I am 15 years old. I like to do anything with everybody. I play football, baseball, basketball, men's softball, golf, and tennis. I would play soccer but it is during basketball season. You can see I have a pretty busy schedule all year round so I don't have alot of time to update my page. But when I do, I update alot onto my page.

Here are a few characteristics about me:

Name:Don Moore

DOB:March 28, 1984

Born:Meridian, MS



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Hazel

Hobbies:Playing all sports, going to mall, hanging with friends

Favorite Singer:Of course, Britney Spears

Sports:Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Men's Softball

Sports Teams:Denver Broncos, Atlanta Braves, Miami Heat, Florida State, Mississippi State

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