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Facts, Facts, and More Facts

Britney Spears. She's one of today's fastest rising musical talents and yet she is also like any other normal teenager. Britney enjoys colors that pop, shopping trips and romance novels. Born in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana, She is an artist who every one can relate to whose music is young, happy and fun. Britney has spent more than half of her life in show business but still feels the need to sing and travel. When she was young, she participated in local dance reviews and in church choirs. At age 8 Britney auditioned for the new Mickey Mouse Club but lost out because she was too young. The producer of the show recognized her talent and wanted her to audition again when she was older. She spent the next three summers studying at the Off Broadway Dance Center and Professional Performing Arts School in New York. Soon she appeared in commercials and in Off Broadway shows such as the 1991 comedy, Ruthless. Finally at age 11, she was cast on the new Mickey Mouse Club alongside N SYNC member Justin Timberlake. After two years on the Mickey Mouse Club she went back home to Kentwood where she lived a normal teenage life. Britney was restless at home and wanted to continue singing. At age 15, she auditioned and got a part in an all girl singing group which led to the beginning of her solo singing career. She loves performing on stage and having people hear her music. Her debut album …baby one more time recently sold 120,000 copies in it's first week, rocketing it to the top of the charts. Britney is busy while on the road and at home but always finds time to keep in touch with her family and friends. Her parents don't travel with her because they have to look after her 7 year old sister at home, with whom Britney shares a close relationship. Her favorite songs are …Baby one more time and Sometimes. She hopes to be a success around the world and someday appear on television shows. Britney has never thought of herself as a role model but hopes that she is a positive one. Her message is to be happy with yourself and have alot of confidence.