Walking the Dog =)

I'm just about to get on the computer. I'm turning it on when my mum comes up to mean says,"Kate, honey, will you take the dog out?" And while I love having a dog, I think, Having a dog is no fun. It isn't. But it can be. Below are some ways that you can make dog walking something to enjoy:

Take the Senic Route- I live on the Thames River, so there are some beautiful views on my streed. But you don't have to live on a river to see some fab sites. Is there a pretty house or a forest near your home? Make an effort to walk my that.

Bring Treats- Bring some dog treats along and have your dog do some tricks.

Dive yourdlef a makeover- I'll admit it. I've gotten dressed in my sexiest clothes, ironed my hair, put on globs of makeup and gone out and walked the dog, hoping that some cute guy will notice me. Does it work? Nope, or at least, not for moi. Is it fun? You bet!

Don't follow the rules- I know, I know, your soposed to walk the dog to the same place every day, but that's pretty boring. Why not explore a new street once a week?

I hope that these tips are worth it, and have a great time with your dog! =)