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In The Snow

Thanks to Philip Pyrah for these two excellent snaps!

Come on Lads - get digging!

These pics were taken at Ballykelly, N Ireland on January 19th 1955 whilst 36Sqn were on detachment. A Hastings came to Topcliffe to transport the groundcrew to Aldergrove and after circling the airfield several times it flew back to Aldergrove. The next day a couple of Vallettas came and flew us to Aldergrove where we saw the Hastings on it's belly with badly bent propellors as the undercarriage failed on one side so we had a lucky escape. Ironic in that we all know of the catastrophic 2nd detachment in 1956. oOn this pic I am the one 3rd bod from the left where the tip of the blade looks as though it's trying to remove my head dress.

No slacking now!

On this picture I'm clearing snow below the front gun turret. I hope someone will recognise themselves.I'll send more at a later date. regards Phil

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